Top 5 Small Businesses You Can Start Today

More than 600 000 new businesses are opened every year in America. That means that over half a million dreams take flight annually. Those are fantastic statistics, but if you take into account the number of businesses that close their doors each year – it becomes a highly sobering thought.

As scary as it might be to start a new business, particularly after the devastation that was caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, there hasn’t been a better time to realize your dreams.

We have learned so much about business continuity and how to pivot during the worst times, and if you take things slow – you too can start your own small business. Below are the top five small businesses that are easy to open and can be achieved in a short space of time:

1. Cleaning Service

Given the state of the general economy, many households cannot afford to have one parent stay at home to look after the house and the kids. That means that almost all of those households are potential clients for your new cleaning service.

Create packages that would serve all households – from single parents to households with multiple children to packages aimed at retired, older folks.

2. Pet Grooming

During the worst parts of the pandemic, most of us were working from home with our out-of-control hair and super fluffy pets. As we ramp up to the warmer months, now is the perfect time to start a pet grooming service.

All you need is a few tools, some basic supplies, and a decent ad for social media. If you have a knack for animals, this is the best business for someone like you.

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3. Home Improvement

We all spent months and months at home, we worked from home, and our kids stayed home – we pretty much never left the house. During that time, plenty of people finally noticed the little things that needed fixing around the house.

Open a small home improvement business that deals with basic construction and maintenance. All you need is some tools and small construction company software to help you keep track of your projects.

4. Niche Blogging

Starting a blog is always a fun process. Pick a topic that you enjoy writing about and know a lot about – there will always be people who will pay to learn from you. Whether it’s selling ad space or earning money from your supporters, pick a topic that is close to your heart.

Stay away from prolific themes unless you are an expert and have a particularly entertaining writing style.

5. Delivery Service

If you’re home all day and you have a car, your small business idea is right in front of you. Most people are too busy or too lazy to go to a shop and buy the items that they need. 

That is where you come in. Create a home delivery service that will cater to the needs of your neighborhood. Do your market research, and you will soon see what the locals desperately need.

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