Top Platforms That Will Negotiate Lower Bills for You

No matter what it is that you are saving for, getting your monthly expenses down to the minimum is an essential and highly effective way for you to meet your financial goals. There are some expenses that you feel you cannot cut down on, such as WiFi, electricity, or transport.

However, you would be surprised. Thanks to the recent emergence of money-savvy apps that automatically negotiate lower bills for you on your behalf, you can start saving big bucks without lifting a finger. Read on to find out the very best online platforms that will lower your bills for you. 

1. Truebill

Probably one of the most popular “negotiation apps” around right now, Truebill has more than 1 million global users that have been able to save more than $100 million. The platform can analyze all of your monthly bills and subscriptions and will send out automatic requests to negotiate a lower bill on your behalf.

It also allows you to review all of your existing outgoings and instantly cancel unused services via the app. What’s more, Truebill will even send out an automatic refund or credit request to your provider if your electric, heat, WiFi, or phoneline experience downtime.  

2. Trussle

We all know that our monthly mortgage payments can be our most significant outgoings. However, few of us realize that we can negotiate to make our payments lower, by securing a better interest rate or switching to a new mortgage provider.

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One platform that will do all of this on your behalf is Trussle, a UK-based mortgage broker platform that can help you save hundreds on your mortgage bill each and every month. Simply sign up for the service and use their handy remortgage tool to get a near-instant quote for a cheaper mortgage. 

3. Harvest

There are few things more annoying in life than being hit with an unexpected overdraft or banking fee. Many times, these fees are not justified and are not what you signed up for. This is where the Harvest app comes in.

As a user, you can rely on Harvest to instantly contact your bank and demand a refund every time you are hit with an overdraft fee or an unexpected banking charge. Although Harvest keeps 25% of everything you claim back, the overall savings definitely make this worth it. 

4. Billshark

Founded by billionaire investor and entrepreneur Mark Cuban, the aptly named Billshark is designed to keep all of your utility providers and subscription service providers on their toes. Billshark is designed to automatically negotiate with your cable, TV, internet, online subscriptions, and even your home security service providers to get you the best possible deal on the market. The company claims to have a 90% success rate, meaning that you could stand to make significant savings simply by downloading the app and connecting it to your banking. 

These digital platforms will automatically save you money, without you having to do anything. There is quite literally nothing to lose.

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