The UK is better than in many countries when it comes to the after effects of the Coronavirus pandemic

The UK is better than in many countries when it comes to the aftereffects of the Coronavirus pandemic. 

Going through the details and statistics of the pandemic in the UK, although the start was quite scary, it seems that the country is now on its way to getting back to normal. Overall, the death toll is significantly low, and they are opening up to allow businesses and companies to get back to running their business, making sure they follow all the rules that have been put out by the Government. According to new statistics, the unemployment rate in the EU hit a new low of 6.6%, while the UK rate is at 4.1% after a recent increase of 0.2%. Although these numbers are a decrease, they are positive, since many had predicted that they would be a lot higher in month 8 of the pandemic. 

The only challenge for the moment is understanding if the numbers are going to stabilise or if they are going to change when the Government pulls out of their schemes. The current understanding of these schemes is that they are assisting a large number of companies in the UK make bank by paying more than 80% of their salaries, while they only had to pay the difference. The biggest fear at the moment is understanding if the economy and the companies that are part of the furlough scheme will be stable after the changes made. 

To make this possible, as mentioned earlier, the Government began encouraging smaller businesses to start running. Cafes, restaurants, diners and pubs were all open for smaller groups of people. These changes were supposed to significantly help the economy, but it didn’t do as much as was expected. Even though schemes are currently running and the economy has opened, with many going out to work, the number of people losing their jobs is still increasing. The UK has more than three million people who are claiming unemployment benefits which is the easiest place to get the number of people out of work. 

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While most companies have gotten back to work, depending on the type of job that they are working on, their employees began remote working to be as productive as possible without endangering the other people working for the same company or team. Many employers even

mentioned that they were still adjusting to the new normal but overall, as great as it is to be back to work, their productivity has significantly decreased. 

Companies are trying to work with this and have started evaluating their employees to see if their productivity matches the work that they are putting in. Additionally, they have also stated that they are working on background checks to make sure the teams that they are working with do not have any criminal records. They have to make sure that the job descriptions that they are hiring for matches the person looking to fill it. They can gather this information through a basic DBS check that not only provides background information about criminal records but also about previous misdemeanours, like being mean to elderly people, which means they cannot work at an assisted care facility. Furthermore, employers can go through this information by reviewing the DBS certificate that they can find online without leaving their office.

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