Virtual Video Tours – A Real Estate Agent’s Breakthrough to Selling Properties

As a real estate agent, you likely stay busy with showings and sales year-round no matter the circumstances. If you’ve had to suddenly pivot from mostly in-person home showings to mostly virtual showings recently, however, you might be concerned about keeping up your sales metrics and successfully managing this new and increasingly widespread platform. Any agent savvy with social media sites likely already uses digital real estate marketing templates and different social media post templates to appeal to potential customers virtually, so shifting to virtual home tours successfully might not be as big of a change as it sounds! Here’s your agent’s guide to still selling your properties like hotcakes by making the most of virtual tours.

Make a Thorough, Pre-Recorded Video Tour for Listing Websites

Many buyers these days find properties they’re interested in via a number of popular listing websites, so if you can get together some great materials for a seller to post, they may be more likely to sell the home quickly. Thorough video tours are popular today because they allow buyers to see into every room of the house. On these pre-recorded tours, make sure you show even commonly forgotten areas like:

  • The interior of the garage
  • The backyard or side yard space
  • The size of the bedroom closets or the kitchen pantry

Consider Hosting Live Video Open Houses

Open houses are usually a highly effective way of drawing in crowds of potential buyers to a property, but if an in-person open house isn’t currently an option or if you want to supplement it, a live video-streaming open house could be a great choice. You can advertise it as usual, by sending out open house flyers for realtors throughout the neighborhood, and then use a streaming platform to take buyers through the house live, step-by-step. This also provides buyers with a great opportunity to ask you all of their questions about the property live, as though you were practically face-to-face. This interactive and personalized approach has been shown to be highly appealing to many types of buyers.

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Incorporate Photo and Video Into Your 3-D Tours

Incorporating multiple types of media into complete tours is a great way to help your clients get a thorough feel for a certain property. Hosting live tours and posting a video tour to a listing website is a great start, but you may also want to consider setting up a high-tech 3-D tour and posting lots of photos of the property to boot. That way, buyers get a glimpse into every nook and cranny of a home – just like if they were there in person!

If you’ve had to shift to a virtual touring and selling platform recently, you might be in the process of adjusting to a totally new way of selling your properties. The good news is, tech-savvy real estate agents who are likely already active on social media may find it straightforward to adapt to virtual tours. Follow these tips to put together top-notch tours and watch your sales numbers grow!

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