What is the CISA Certification Exam

Cyber Security is gaining a lot of importance all over the world. It refers to protecting our computer systems from the theft or damage from cybercrimes. Cybersecurity has indeed become a much necessary part for every business as their data and important files need to be protected in order to keep their organization safe. Even every individual who is using the internet has high chances of getting trap by these cybercrimes. To avoid this, they have cybersecurity in their systems. No matter if it’s a small business firm or a big multi-international company, cybersecurity is having equal importance for all. There are millions of people who use the internet for various purposes, and this increases the chance of cybercrimes. This is the reason why cybersecurity is given so much importance by everyone. 

Different types of cyber crimes 

Cybercrimes are simply a theft to every internet user, and cybercrimes are not just of one type, but it is of several types. And the most common forms of cybercrimes are phishing, identity theft, grooming, hacking. Phishing is using fake messages or emails to steal information about people. Identity theft refers to stealing the information of the internet user. Grooming refers to making sexual advances to the minors, and hacking is shutting down or misusing emails to get the personal information of people. Also, child pornography is another type of cybercrime which is prevailing in some parts of our society. Cybercrimes can be much dangerous for every internet user and business firm as if their computer systems get hacked, or any kind of information gets leaked then the business can suffer from major loss and individuals can face many kinds of problems. 

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CISA Certification Exam 

CISA stands for Certified Information Systems Auditor. This exam can be done online or at an in-person testing centre. Before you schedule and give the exam, you need to do the registration and payment for the exam. If you do not schedule and take the exam during the given period that is twelve months, then you will lose your fees. There will be no extended eligibility after this period. The cost of the exam is US$575 for members and US$760 for non-members. The online registration will include your register for the exam, purchase study aids and an ISACA membership which enables you to get good exam-related discounts.

 And all the exam registration fees are non-transferable and non-refundable. The exam schedule is up to the candidates; they can schedule their exam for any available location, date, the time within the given period of twelve months. You can select either an online test or in-person test centre at your own convenience. If any candidate could not take the exam on the scheduled date, then he/she can reschedule the exam during the eligibility period if 48 hours are completed to the prior scheduled exam. There are ten languages offered in the CISA Exam. The ISACA provides all the important details to the candidates such as exam schedule, registration, administration, rules, scoring, preparation etc. If anytime you find an error with your name or details while registrations for the exam then you need to update your profile so that it can reflect your name as it appears on your government-issued identification. 

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You will be only allowed to the exam center only if these details match. Whatever changes you do should be done 48 hours prior to the scheduled exam to avoid any kind of error. The final step to get certified is to submit your CISA certification application. But before submitting your application, you must pass the CISA exam within the last five years. You must have a full-time experience in the CISA practice areas. Also, your application should include application processing fees. After you get your certification, you need to maintain it too. It keeps you up to date and relevant as compared to your peers. Maintaining your certification will give you many benefits in the future too. Also, when you become CISA certified, you should visit the ISACA center for career advancement resources. 

The CISA Certification Exam is a well-known exam which is highly skilled and productive for every aspirant. After passing the exam when you become a CISA certified, you will get lots of opportunities and a good scope for your near future. 

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