What is the Immex Program in Mexico and What are the Benefits?

The Immex program in Mexico is designed for foreign manufacturers. The raw material that is imported into Mexico and then prepared and manufactured in Mexico comes under this program. The material is then exported abroad again in its complete manufactured form. There are many benefits that this program has provided including the duty-free and certain taxes free import of the raw material into Mexico for manufacturing. This also excludes the compensation fee from the imported goods. Different companies provide their services related to manufacturing in Mexico and the Immex program and Tacna is one of them. You can better understand the details about the program and benefits that you can avail yourself of through this program by contacting the experts of the industry. Several successful companies in Mexico are in the manufacturing business and are doing quite good due to this ease of doing business provided to them by the government. The Immex program facilitates the businessmen and the companies which in return gives a boost to the economy and creates many opportunities at the same time. There are multiple advantages of the Immex program.

Boost country’s economy:

In the Immex program, the raw material comes in the country for a short interval and then must be exported. When this happens, the country earns a lot of money from abroad and a lot of revenue is generated. As good manufacturing services are provided in Mexico and the tax or duty is also excluded, it encouraged more people to send their raw material. The increase in export of the manufactured goods from the country automatically boosts the economy of the country and expands it to a large scale.

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It helps manufacturers in Mexico:

When the raw material comes to the country in bulk then almost all the manufacturing companies get a chance and opportunities to be successful. Through this, a lot of jobs and opportunities are created for people and companies. When the manufacturing industry grows then more and more people get the chance to work and earn their living. Moreover, the reputation of the country’s manufacturing industry grows day by day. Hence, the Immex program has been very helpful in this regard.

Modernization of the Infrastructure:

The Immex program also aims at the modernization of the infrastructure of the country. It also focuses on the import of modern technology in the country. It emphasizes on getting benefit out of intellectual property as well.

Attract the foreign investment:

When the manufacturing industry in Mexico is well reputed and the manufactured goods are exported in the bulk then more investments come to the country. Investors trust the manufacturers due to the quality and send their raw material for manufacturing which brings foreign investment to the country.

Increase the exports of the country:

It is evident from the rule that the goods can stay in the country only for a short period which means they have to be exported from the Mexican national territory. This increases the number of exports of the country by providing a little benefit of duty-free import.

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