Why hire a product sourcing agent

Compared to other countries, New Zealand is a small country with a limited number of factories. Businesses in New Zealand require a large number of products for their own use or reselling to their customers. Many innovators and small companies are developing new products and are looking for a suitable factory that can manufacture the product for them at a reasonable cost. Other businesses require spare parts or other components for the products they manufacture. Finding a suitable supplier can be a tedious and time-consuming process, so it is better to hire a product sourcing agent in Auckland to find the products required.

Many businesses will ask the question of why to hire a product sourcing agent since the sourcing agent will usually charge a commission or fee on the items which he has sourced. However, the businesses should be aware of the many advantages of choosing the right sourcing agent like TK Wang, which are discussed below, especially time and money saved. The cost of the raw material or component is a major factor that determines the cost of the finished product. Similarly, the profit margin of a trader depends on the price at which he has sourced the product. Usually, the business cannot sell any product at a price which is much higher than the market rate.

So it is important that a trader or manufacturer procures the product or raw material at the lowest possible price, while maintaining the quality. Usually most businesses have only a limited number of suppliers, and they cannot negotiate the prices further. Though there are many online directories and suppliers, it is difficult, time consuming and expensive to find out which supplier is reliable. In some cases, the supplier may not deliver a quality product as per the specifications, in other cases, the supplier may take advance payment and not deliver, or the delivery may be delayed.

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Though most businesses do not realize it, the process of finding a suitable supplier will cost them money.The employee who has been assigned the task of finding the supplier is being paid a salary, and the time spent on finding the supplier is the business cost. Additionally the employee may have less experience and may not find the best supplier. Hence it is advisable to choose an experienced and competent sourcing agent, who will find the right supplier for any product, component or raw material,of the desired quality, which the business will require, at a reasonable cost.

The sourcing agent is already dealing with thousands of manufacturers and suppliers, and has sourced products from them for a large number of businesses. He has also completed the background check and verified the details of the supplier, so that business using his services, can be assured that the product supplied is of high quality and will be delivered as the schedule specified. The sourcing agent is mainly sourcing from low cost countries like China, and so the prices of the products are usually significantly lower than the products which are purchased from local suppliers, even if the fee of the sourcing agent is considered.

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