How To Use Xtra-PC On Old Computer

After a certain period of time, most of us discover that our existing computers are getting slower gradually than the previous conditions. It is a common scenario with every computerized electronic gadget. There are several reasons that make our computer slower. Some problems occur a lack of maintenance, unwanted running apps, etc.

Those problems could easily be solved with some easy techniques. But if the reason is for poor hardware, processor and ram then there is a very little thing that you can do. In that situation to boost up your computer speed, there is a device available known as Xtra-PC.

It is basically a USB device that is specially designed for boosting the performance of old computers. If you are hearing about this device for the first time then for understanding you can read the  Xtra-PC review. Now here in this article, I am going to show you what an Xtra-PC is and how you can use it on your old computers. 

What is Xtra-PC ?

An Xtra-PC is a small, smart & very powerful USB device that is designed for boosting up your computer speed and allows you to work efficiently. By installing this device on your old computer, you can work at the same speed that you enjoyed with your new computer.

To make your computer fast like a brand new computer, you just need to connect the device to your computer USB port. The device can only be used when it is connected to a computer through a USB port. When you unplug it, your computer will get back to its previous slow condition. 

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If you are thinking about changing your computers because of its slowness then it is high time to think it twice. While you can speed up your old computers with this mini USB device why would you go for a new computer and waste a significant amount of money? 

You can consider it as a USB key that unlocks the speed of your computer. As it comes with a smart size & shape, you can always keep this thing in your pocket and take it wherever you want. If you have any slow computer at your home or office then before sending them into full retirement, use this device on your computer and I am pretty sure you are going to change your decision and think about using it one more time. 

How does it work? (Xtra-PC)

The only mission of this mini USB device is to boost up the speed of your computers. Now here in this section, I am going to show you how this device works on your computer and boosts up the speed. 

First, you need to connect the Xtra-PC USB device on your old laptop or desktop that gives a slower performance. Remember one thing, this device only works as long as it is connected with your computers, once you unplug it your computer performance will get back to its previous position. 

Well, get back to the point, once you connect this device on your computer, there will be a new window appear on your computer screen and ask for your permission to install the program. After giving permission, the speed of your computer will dramatically boost up. You will discover that you can work with a speed that you get only when you newly purchase it. 

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The greatest part of this amazing device is there is no limit on how many computers you can use, if you have more than one old & slow computer then you can use it in every computer one by one, not at a time as you can connect it for one computer each time. But by unplugging from one computer, you can plug it into another computer. 

How to use it in Old computers

It doesn’t matter which operating system you are using, the Xtra-PC will work smoothly and effectively in every operating system, such as, windows, mac, Linux. 

  • First, Plug the Xtra-PC on the USB port of your computers.
  • Now follow the instructions that appear on the screen of your computers. 
  • Once you complete the installation, your job is done. Enjoy the super speed!

Remember one thing, the device only works when it is connected with your computer. If you unplug it your computer will get back to its previous condition. 

Types of Xtra-PC

Xtra-PC comes with different product variants. There are so many versions you will find available in the market. They are:

Xtra-PC (16): As it promises, by connecting this device on your computer,  you can boost up the speed. You will get a better working experience than before. The only difference is it doesn’t offer some features that you will get with the premium one. 

Xtra-PC (32): 32 version is 1.5-time faster than the 16 versions. You will also get 32 GB extra storage space to keep your documents and yes it also has some lack of features than the expensive one. 

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Xtra-PC (Pro): This one is 2x faster than the 16 version and offers 64 GB storage space to store your personal files. 

Benefits of using Xtra-PC

If you are struggling with the speed of your old computer then Xtra-Pc is the right choice for you. Read the below section to know some benefits that you are going to enjoy with an Xtra-PC device. 

  • Xtra-Pc is a very convenient device at an affordable price. It saves your time and money both. You might have to purchase a new computer because of the slow speed but Xtra-PC solves this problem. 
  • Another best part of this device, you can run it with any operating computers. Even the computer that doesn’t have a hard drive. It will allow you to work normally. 
  • It increases the speed of your computer. You will feel like you are using a new computer. 
  • If your computer is affected by a virus already, it won’t make any problem to use this device.

After reading this article, if you have any confusion or feedback then you can directly comment here or email me. I will give a reply to your query soon. Thank You!

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