The Easiest Way to Recycle Computers in Vancouver

You might want to upgrade to a new computer or buy a laptop. So, what do you do with the old and faulty ones? Fortunately, there is a way to recycle them, especially if you are in Vancouver. See more about recycling on this site.

Computers comprise various elements and metals like gold, lead, zinc, silicon, copper, and aluminum. Plastic computers are made up of heat-resistant polymer capacitors that can conduct electricity.

It is surprising to learn that there are various rare earth metals inside your PC, like hafnium which many believe will become unavailable in the next few decades, and ruthenium, which is rarer than platinum or gold. Proper disposal of old electronic waste will mean preserving some valuable metals and materials and avoiding damage to Mother Earth by filling up landfills.

Can you Throw your Old PC Away?

It can be easier to just simply toss the older gadgets in the bin and wait for them to be taken away to the landfills, but this can generally harm the environment in many ways. Cadmium and mercury, usually present in smartphones and other electronics, can contaminate the groundwater and seep into the earth. This can infect many plant fields and cause lasting damage to the ecosystem. They can also find their way into the ocean and can further damage marine life.

Learning how to recycle your PC and other devices can be helpful. With the right computer recycling in Vancouver, you’ll be able to dispose of your old equipment safely and efficiently. Here are other solutions that can help you solve some of your issues with e-waste.

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Taking a Trip to the Recycling Center

Most organizations in Vancouver are willing to assist when it comes to electronics recycling. You can do a search query on Google and find local schools, churches, organizations, and scout troops that provide a place where you can drop off the old equipment without any hassle. Some people can benefit from a tax deduction when they join e-waste events.

How to Do the Recycling Safely

You need to remove sensitive data from the hardware for laptops and computers before you can safely dispose of them. You can find a local retailer or an expert in your area to help you out with this step, or you can also try the following:

1. Removing all of your Data

Removing data from your PC and electronic devices will keep you safe from identity theft or hackers who want to access your bank account. Back up your files, pictures, music, and other data into an external hard drive and format the old PC.

2. Unplug the Peripherals

You might want to reuse the mouse, keyboards, speakers, and headphones again on your new computer set. Consider donating or reusing them since they do not generally need a software upgrade to work on a new device.

3. Remove Lithium-Batteries

If you are using a laptop, you might want to remove the batteries by flipping them over. The laptops often use lithium-ion batteries, and they usually require specialized transportation. You might want to look into mail-back manufacturer offers and programs in your area so the lithium-ion batteries can be safely transported. More about lithium batteries in this link: 

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Will the Manufacturers Offer Recycling?

Not all, but some manufacturers can generally offer take-back offers and programs when they partner with other retailers. You can learn more about these programs by visiting their websites for details or calling them. Most retailers might require specific brands, so you might want to know more about them before going into one.

What to do if there are a lot of PCs?

Mail-back programs are often ideal for people who just need to dispose of one computer. However, when you need to recycle a lot of devices, you might need to call an e-waste recycler or a local business in Vancouver to send a vehicle for the electronics. They will pick up everything without charge; you just have to be present while they haul everything in the car.

Should I Upgrade?

You might want to upgrade since this is an environmentally friendly choice. However, this is generally not applicable to older PCs with Windows Vista or its earlier version. It can be an option to upgrade the motherboard so you can update the software, but most people today prefer buying newer models, so they are more compatible with modern apps and programs.

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