Top 10 Finder Alternatives for Mac You Can Use

One of the best and most versatile operating systems around the world is Mac by Apple. It is complex, powerful, intuitive, but far from perfect. If you have worked with Mac computers then you would know what I am talking about. Quality, speed, top class mac cleaning tool facility and capabilities even aesthetics are a complete level apart from competitors. And all of this makes finding alternatives a tough task. Sure, you will find a lot of options and features in Mac that will help you in completing tasks and may even surprise you by their capabilities but there are a lot of third party apps which will provide a lot of options that will enable you to achieve more. So in this article, I am going to share with you, Top 10 Finder alternatives for Mac that you can use. Have a look:

Top 10 Finder Alternatives for Mac

  1. Path Finder 9
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One of the best and number 1 on our list is Path Finder 9. It has been in the market for quite some time and is now trusted software for many users. It comes with double Window navigation which allows you to navigate through your storage facility at twice the speed. You can access hidden files, bookmarks, and what not with a few clicks, making the search simple.

DropStack is a powerful feature that allows you to copy multiple files in one place and then move them to the desired location all at once. It acts like a temporary storage, like a clipboard but for files. You can make the app completely yours by applying customized themes and colors for a more personalized touch. You can also import and export files directly through Dropbox as this app is compatible with the cloud storage facility.

  1. Forklift 3
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Another great app on the list is Forklift 3. It also has a double Window navigation system to move and navigate two folders at the same time. What makes this one different is that it is designed to be very compatible with various networks and interrelated workflow. You can find your files stored remote server easily, embedded cloud storage facility, connect to servers like SMB, FTP and SFTP to manage and delete files easily and without any kind of hassle. So you can not only find files on your local drive but also online across servers.

  1. Double Commander

If you are a bit into programming and want software that you can customize and change according to your taste then look no further than Double Commander. It is one of the best open source multi platform software that has been designed after taking inspiration from various platforms, even from Windows. You can sort your navigation according to different factors such as time, date, etc., duplicate different windows and search for different files in a single folder. You can also create different tabs that will help you to search for even more files.

  1. CRAX Commander
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Some navigation apps are powerful for local search and provide options for such while others are more helpful in finding files over different servers and locations but this upcoming entry is a bit different than the rest. With CRAX Commander you can go even further. Forget the limits of dual window search navigation, you can open a lot more here. It is compatible to work with FTP, SSH, and even SVN servers. If you are a heavy user then this app is just what you need.

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  1. DCommander

DCommander also offers almost all the features and options what above normal navigation software do. It is compatible with server searching for FTP, SCP and SFTP servers. It allows the user to edit files and even folders directly from the navigation panels, which makes it handier. It helps productivity and smoothens the workflow.

  1. Commander One V2

If you work with large amounts of data then Commander One V2 can be pretty useful. You can create your own keyboard shortcuts and use them according to your habits or preferences. It would save the time for users to learn new shortcuts plus they can start working straight away as they can decide how the workflow would be. There are also many pre installed themes and other decorative elements that one can enjoy while working with the app.

  1. Nimble Commander
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If you are looking for a professional application that can work even in an enterprise environment then Nimble Commander is the one you should consider. The user interface is quite simple and intuitive for customers to find their way easily around. It supports C++, so if you have learned the language then you will be able to handle the application more easily. The specially designed app is lightweight and doesn’t put much pressure on available resources. You can enjoy a complex workflow easily with multiple tabs opened.

  1. XtraFinder

XtraFinder is an application designed for people who like it simple. It doesn’t have anything flashy and is dedicatedly designed only for the task at hand. You can actually access many options and menus in here faster when compared to other navigation apps. Apart from that you can also find hidden files, folders, hide your desktop files, access marked items directly through a link and what not. XtraFinder is also a great choice when with big data and a large number of files.

  1. TotalFinder
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Another important mac finder alternative on our list is TotalFinder. Unlike other apps on the list that have stood on their own legs to perform the apps, TotalFinder here takes help from the inbuilt Finder application and enhances the experience for you. You can again find dual window navigation for better access and search, tabs for accessing multiple folders, etc.

  1. FinderPath

Last but not least we have another incredible application that was designed to be powerful yet easy to understand. The user interface is quite simple to navigate and you have many options embedded in simple popup menus. You can find hidden files and folders without having to toil for long periods of time and can even jump directly to paths of the folders and files. You can copy the address of the folder and use it in Finder Path directly to access that folder again without having to go through all the process of finding it.

So these were the top 10 Finder alternatives for Mac that I wanted to share with you. All the apps on the list are designed by very competitive companies so you won’t have to worry about getting less features or quality. Regular updates help fix bugs and other issues, so that users can continue to enjoy using their programs without losing their time and resources.

Hope it helps.

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