Does Netflix Use A Lot Of Data?

What could be more fun and relaxing than watching your favorite TV shows with your loved ones? You would need a good TV set and access to your favorite channels like the ones that come with silver package Spectrum, for instance. And voila! That’s all you have to do to relax on your couch, surrounded by your favorite people while your much-anticipated TV show is finally on air. Watching your favorite TV sitcom or comedy movie is the most nerve relaxing activity, whereby you get to enjoy wholeheartedly and have some good laughs. The fun doubles if you are watching it with your friends. With the advent of online streaming services, Netflix being one of the most popular ones around, you don’t even have to wait for your favorite show to be on air on a particular day or time. 

If you are a TV fanatic, then congratulations! You can now watch any of your favorite TV shows or movies anytime you want as per your convenience, and replay your favorite parts with a Netflix subscription. What’s more, its plans are often cheaper than the usual cable or satellite TV packages. With a reliable internet connection, you can enter the world of Netflix’s massive online library with never-ending content. If you are lucky enough to have an unlimited internet plan, then you do not need to worry about how much data your Netflix app consumes on a regular scale. However, if you have data caps to deal with, then you surely need to know how much data Netflix eats. Of course, we all love binge-watching our favorite shows, and an uninterrupted stream is what we most ardently desire. So, here is what you can expect when it comes to Netflix data consumption, and remember, the video quality you choose will affect the data usage. Read on to find out all about it!

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How much Data does Netflix Require?


First, know that downloading a TV show might not be of any help when it comes to saving data since it consumes almost the same amount of bandwidth as online streaming. You can download if you want to, but you will also need enough storage space on your device for that. Here is a quick breakdown of the maximum data consumption that can be involved for the different types of video quality settings on Netflix:

  • SD video quality can consume up to 1 GB/hour
  • Full HD video quality can use up to 3 GB/hour
  • 4K Ultra HD video quality might require up to 7GB/hour 

How to Control Data Usage on Netflix?

If you have rigid internet data caps, then you would be interested in finding out how to keep data consumption under control while enjoying your favorite content on Netflix. Also, because most of us prefer streaming on our phones since it is more convenient and portable, the good news is that Netflix has some effective features for Android and iOS users that allow you to restrict data usage. These options include:

  • Automatic

This feature balances ‘less data usage’ with a ‘fairly good video quality’, allowing around 4 hours of video streaming for one GB roughly. 

  • Maximum Data

You can stream content in the best video quality if you want with this option, usually 4K Ultra HD. 

  • Save Data 

This feature lowers the video quality to the minimum so you can watch around six hours of video for one GB. 

  • Wi-Fi only
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This option allows you to stream online only if you are using your Wi-Fi connection. 

How to Save Data While Using Netflix on your Mobile?

To save a considerable amount of data while using Netflix on your mobile, all you have to do is to open the Netflix app and go to the More tab. Next, click on the App Settings option. 

Now, go to the Video Playback Setting option that will direct you to choose among the aforementioned four options. You can preferably choose the Automatic setting to view videos in a fair quality while using comparatively lower strata of data. 

It also depends upon your watching habits. If you are a heavy streamer and have limited internet data, then you might want to make use of the Save Data option to stay on the safe side. 

Wrapping Up

Netflix is indeed one of the most popular online video streaming services across the world. We hope that the aforementioned tips and information can guide you well in keeping a track of your data consumption and making sure that Netflix does not eat away all your data before the month ends. It is always recommended to subscribe to an unlimited internet plan where you have no worries about data throttling or overage charges, especially if you are a binge-watcher. Nevertheless, if you have an internet subscription that comes with a data cap, then follow the aforementioned guidelines to tackle the data consumption while enjoying Netflix as much as you can!

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