KBC Life Line and Rules: 2021

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KBC Stands for Kaun Banega Crorepati. It is an Indian reality game show started on 3rd of July, 2000, based on the concept of a British game show “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire”. KBC was initially aired on Star Plus and the first 3 seasons were aired from 2000 to 2007 and was commissioned by the programming team of Sameer Nair. Since 2010, it has been airing on Sony Entertainment Television and is produced by Big Synergy. It is directed by Rahul Verma and Arun Sheshkumar. The composers of the show are Keith Strachan (1–11), Matthew Strachan (1–11), Ramon Covalo (4–11), Sawan Dutta (5–11), Ajay−Atul (11).

There are a total of 12 seasons of the show and have 927 episodes together. Each episode is about 90 minutes long. KBC has a huge fan following and it’s a family show. Parents Food, cloth, politics, awards, biology, and even history but mostly about Indian culture. The motive of the show is to remove puberty from the country. KBC wants to help the people of India to overcome puberty and get entertained as well.


There are a total of 11 lifelines but they changed in every season accordingly. The lifelines are:

  1. 50:50 (Seasons 1-3, 7, 9-11)
  2. Phone-a-Friend (Seasons 1-9) (Season 9 uses video calls)
  3. Audience Poll (all seasons)
  4. Switch the Question (Seasons 2-3, 7, 11)
  5. Ask the Expert (Season 4-6, 10-11)
  6. Double Dip (Season 4-6, 8)
  7. Pass (Season 4, episodes 13-16)
  8. Power Paplu (Season 7)
  9. Three Wise Men (Season 8)
  10. Code Red (Season 8)
  11. Plus One (under the name Jodidaar) (Season 9-10)
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  1. Only Indian citizens are allowed to participate in the show. Both international and national citizens who are 18 or above 18 of India can participate.
  2. The participant should mention their name, address, phone number, and email address to get registered for the show.
  3. The current participant should not be a former “Kaun Banega Crorepati” contestant and, as defined in the Income Tax Act
  4. Questions are in the form of MCQs, four options will be provided and only 1 will be correct.
  5. The contestant wins a certain amount of money with each correct answer and may choose to give up and retain the money they have already won if they decide not to answer the currently shown question.
  6. The money won after each question is roughly doubled from the previous amount won, exponentially increasing the amount won after each correct answer until the contestant reaches the final question, after which they win the maximum prize (currently 5 crores in KBC 4).

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