PopcornFlix – Review, Features, Alternatives, and Much More

We know you are a movie lover. If we guessed it right then this article is for you. Watching free movies online is not easy but some of our well-wishers have curated some websites where we can enjoy free movies. Popcornflix is one of the famous websites for free movies and web series. Sometimes due to regulations, these kind of websites gets suspended. If you are a fan of popcornflix then we are mentioning detailed info about popcornflix like its benefits  in case you are unable to watch free movies on popcornflix

What is PopcornFlix?

You can guess by the name itself; call your friends, wear your favorite binge-watch t-shirts, prepare a tub of popcorn maybe two and get set go! Get ready for the binge night with millions of entertainment options that are available on Popcornflix. This can prove to be the best choice for your entertainment purpose. This is a good substitute for TheWatchSeries.

No matter what do you want to watch, Indian, American, cartoons, TV shows, or movies, you’ll get all of this right under a click. You can easily access everything through the category tab or the search bar. All of this is coming for free. Can you believe it? You do not even require to subscribe or log to watch the series.

How to Watch Movies on Popcornflix?

Due to the fact that Popcornflix is a free service, the enrollment process is quite straightforward (and even optional). Additionally, the service is available on a broad variety of platforms, so you should have little difficulty consuming it.

Registration Is Not Required

You do not need to create an account with Popcornflix to get the free material. This eliminates the need to provide sensitive information such as a home address or credit card number.

However, Popcornflix does allow users to establish a personalized account. While you may be required to create an account on the phone app, the option to bypass this step is found in the top right corner of your screen.

Signing up for a free account asks only that you provide an email address. You are not even asked to enter your name. By registering, you may customize your streaming experience, rate material, and engage in interactive features such as creating GIFs based on what you’re watching.

Devices and Applications

Directly from the Popcornflix website, you can view films and television series. Additionally, phone and tablet applications are accessible through the Google Play Store (Android) and the Apple App Store (iOS).

Popcornflix is available for streaming on the following devices:

Roku Apple TV Xbox

Fire TV by Amazon

Smartphones and tablets powered by Android

iPhones and iPads

Popcornflix Streaming Content

If you’re searching for big-name new releases and unique content that will be discussed around the office water cooler, Popcornflix is likely to disappoint. It is not a viable alternative to or substitutes for Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, or Disney+ in that aspect.

On the plus side, there is a wealth of recognizable content available without the monthly subscription fees associated with the aforementioned streaming services.

Popular Films

The content offered on Popcornflix is labeled with familiar names. There is no shortage of A-list personalities, from films directed by Martin Scorsese and Stephen King to those starring Matt Damon, Johnny Depp, and Leonardo DiCaprio.

However, the selections do not always include the best performances by some of those performers, and the information is a little out of date. This is a frequently occurring trade-off in the free streaming market.

Here are some of the free movies accessible via Popcornflix at the time of this writing:

  • Alcatraz\sChinatown
  • Tin Tin’s Adventures Night of the Living Dead
  • The Naked Gun – Part Two and a Half: Fear’s Smell
  • Mexican
  • The Zodiac of Saint Silence
  • The Assassin of Don Quixote

Previously, the service featured films such as What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, Major League, The Bad News Bears, and The Rainmaker.

Popular Television Series

I found the television series choices to be somewhat lacking. Several of the most popular titles are also accessible on other free streaming platforms, including 3rd Rock from the Sun and Hell’s Kitchen. The catalog is out of date and lacking in depth.

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The following is a sampling of the television series currently available for streaming:

  • Sun’s Third Rock
  • Kitchen Nightmares in Hell’s Kitchen
  • Inspector Gadget Hunter 21 Jump Street
  • Files Forensic
  • Zelda: The Legend
  • Sonic the Hedgehog’s Wilfred Adventures

Previously, the service aired Roseanne, Queer as Folk, Popeye, and The Man Show.

Original Popcornflix Content

Popcornflix has recently launched a section on its website dedicated to Popcornflix Originals.

This is a growing list of films starring well-known actors such as Keegan-Michael Key, Luke Wilson, and Helen Hunt.

Here are a few of the original titles that were available when this story was written:

Adult Life Skills: The Origins of Extraterrestrial Wonders of the Sea

Teacher of the Year: The Void’s Cold Blood Ride

Popcornflix User Experience

Now that you’re familiar with the kind of free content available on Popcornflix, I’d like to discuss the user experience.

How Bad Are the Advertisements?

Due to the platform’s free nature, Popcornflix will likely compensate with numerous commercial interruptions in order to generate advertising money.

I watched Major League via the Popcornflix Roku app to have a better understanding of the user’s advertisement experience. It was a shambles.

Major League is a popular film on Popcornflix.

I was able to view more than 20 minutes of the film uninterrupted after a single introductory advertisement. That was quite pleasant. However, as evidenced by the screenshot above, I was then subjected to a continuous diet of commercial interruptions throughout the film’s entirety. I encountered a total of ten commercial breaks while viewing the film.

The app took several seconds to load a commercial break on the Roku player. In a couple instances, I counted almost 15 seconds of delay. While this may seem trivial in the broad scheme of things, it is an added nuisance and time sink during the required commercial experience.

A break typically consisted of five advertisements, with the total time spent away from the show varying between two and three minutes.

Along the way, I came across various interactive advertisements, including this one from Beats by Dre, which featured a photo of a Roku-specific controller with choices to scroll through the company’s headphones selection.

On the Roku app, Popcornflix included interactive adverts.

Overall, Popcornflix’s advertisement approach felt a little more difficult than those of competitors such as Tubi TV.


Popcornflix makes a point of ensuring that users are never more than two clicks away from content, and they keep that promise. When the phone and streaming device apps are launched, they use a “straight to the content” approach.

Popcornflix’s web browser version is likewise quite simple to use.

Popcornflix’s user interface is simple and intuitive, with material accessible in just two clicks.

You may navigate between movies, TV shows, and viral videos at the top of the screen. The information is then divided into sections such as “New Arrivals,” “Most Popular,” “Action,” and “Drama,” among others. Throughout it all, a search box in the upper right corner of the screen allows for a quick check to see if the service offers the content you’re looking for.

Suggestions for Getting the Most Out of Popcornflix

Has any of the accessible content piqued your interest? Here are some pointers on how to watch it on Popcornflix:

Get your Indie on Popcornflix makes a determined effort to showcase independent films, which is perhaps its best feature. You can use this to your advantage and attempt something you’ve never seen (or heard of).

Install the application: While Popcornflix allows you to watch material on your computer or television, I felt that the viewing experience on the phone app was clean, crisp, and efficient. It is unquestionably a viable alternative for on-the-go travel entertainment.

Best PopcornFlix Alternatives So Far

Here is the list of best PopcornFlix Alternatives.

1. SolarMovie

It is the most popular among these websites. It offers films, watch series, and TV shows all under one roof. You will not be disappointed by accessing this website. This website is also for free. You don’t even have to log in or create an account to watch something, as I said it is for free. You have something in mind, search for it and I’m sure you’ll find that on SolarMovie.

Just search whatever series, documentaries, or movies you want to watch, and you’ll see the desired results in front of you. Any website having a search bar makes it a lot easy to navigate and a better substitute for TheWatchSeries. SolarMovie is pretty easy to function. There are endless options in documentaries, series, movies, and TV shows in different languages and different genres too.

They are strict in their advertisement policy. You’ll not get ads every 5 seconds to destroy your mood and experience. Many other solarmovie alternatives are available to watch movies online.

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2. 123 Movies

Taking about the alternatives and substitutes of TheWatchSeries, here we land in 123 Movies. It is a good option because you get several options to watch from series to shows to movies right under a click. Content from every country is present on this website.

Taking your mood in command, you can find every genre on this website of entertainment. I love websites that do not require anything to give you content. Surprisingly 123 Movies is one of them and it does not even require registration on the website. All the latest shows just launched or old you can easily find them out in 123 Movies.

You missed the climax episode of your favorite series, don’t worry 123 Movies got you covered. You can watch your favorite movie, show, episode, or whatnot on 123 Movies during any time of the day or night. New shows appear on this website within 1 week of the launch. How amazing is that, right?

3. Hulu

You don’t want to go for cheaper options? Do you want something premium for you? Go for HULU to get a full television experience under one roof. You will have to pay $5.99 a month and that’s it. You are sorted for your entertainment for a month straight.

All the popular TV series and movies from different regions of the world are showcased in Hulu. There is some exclusive content on the website for their subscribers.  You can combine its subscription with other OTD platforms like Disney+, etc. which will save some bucks.

It is a great parallel companion of major OTD platforms like Amazon Prime and Netflix. It is a great substitute for TheWatchSeries if I may say. It can prove to be a companion in your dull times. You can watch whatever genre you want to watch depending on your mood. Told you every good thing doesn’t come for free.


This is a great website in option for TheWatchSeries. It portrays millions of free content and maximum genres. You can’t even think of the many genres which TubiTV displays. Be it horror, comedy, romantic, rom-com, suspense, or whatever you can think of according to your mood, you will find that content under one click.

You can make your home a theatre if you are a member of TubiTV. You can also subscribe to their services and can get direct notifications on new shows, TV series, and movies directly into your email. I mean, what more can you ask for? All of this is for free.

5. Vumoo

One more superb alternative for TheWatchSeries is Vumoo. It provides a high-quality streaming experience, with lots of entertaining content, and that too for free. Yes, you read it right, it’s for free. The interface is so good that you will confuse it with websites like Amazon Prime or Netflix.

You can watch anything ranging from TV shows, series, movies in every genre you wish to watch. The most amazing thing apart from the factor that it is free is that it will show you content according to your taste. It keeps a record of your watch history and shows content according to that.

So, you don’t need to search much, everything will be in front of you even before you demand it.

6. Fmovies

If you don’t know about this website, you are left out with a lot of entertainment, that too for free. I can’t tell you that it is such a good website and a perfect duplicate for TheWatchSeries. 50 million people have enrolled in their services from over 70 countries.

It is a superb alternative for TheWatchSeries according in my opinion. You’ll find innumerable TV series, movies out there. Whether be old, new or just launched. You can download its content straight away on your laptop or mobile. The servers used by them are very fast and robust. The servers will never let you feel bored or dull because they are so high in speed.

Many OTT platform shows are showcased in Fmovies with no glitch. Ads are there on the website but they are very few. Users prefer a simple interface so they don’t get involved in any fuss. The Fmovies present a very neat interface for the ease of its users. Everything coming on this website just for free. Hearing the word ‘FREE’ makes my heart ring and my mouth sing! Ha-ha.

7. Putlocker

Don’t get confused by the name of this website. No one is going to lock anything from viewing. Instead of that, you are going to get everything for free. This website does not require any subscription or anything for that matter.

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This website offers TV series and movies for the entertainment right at your desk. You can watch innumerable movies in different genres with the supported language and subtitles. Your emotional cravings will be fulfilled by 0123Putlockers. This website does not have the content, instead, it uses external party applications for that purpose. Nothing is stored on its server. This website is good because it is user-friendly. All these features, that too for free.

You can enjoy it during any time of the day, any mood, any language, any genre you want with Putlocker. These features make it easy for Putlocker to become a better substitute for TheWatchSeries. So, don’t worry if TheWatchSeries is banned in your region, Putlocker got you covered.

9. Coke and Popcorn

I know you somehow missed the most important episode of your TV show because your mom sent you out to buy groceries or your dad asked you to pay the monthly bills. Don’t you worry child! Coke and popcorn have your back. It is a robust streaming website.

You can watch all the popular TV shows here. Coke and popcorn is a very easy-to-use website with minimalistic features. These features enhance the user experience as there is no fuss created on the website. You can search through the tabs in the menu if you are looking for your favorite TV show.

9. TVmuse

You can assume by the title; it is a TV. It a source of entertainment for you anywhere and anytime. You are musing about something from the television and TVmuse is where you have to land. The interface is so neat. You just need to scroll through the categories and select the show or movie you wish to watch.

Voila! Take a tub of popcorn and soda and you are ready for the binge-watch. You can even watch the latest shows which are recently launched on TVmuse in under a week of their launch. This website is a great competitor for TheWatchSeries.

10. Watchseries

TheWatchSeries is nothing but a streaming website where you can watch zillions of movies in your desired language. You can watch your favorite shows and series there. You can have the luxury of these under the umbrella of TheWatchSeries.

TheWatchSeries has almost every series and movie you put your finger on. What you need to do is just download the series or movie you want to watch and then choose supported subtitles and that’s it. Voila! This website provides content from almost every genre, so as you know not every region is allowed to stream TheWatchSeries.

People keep asking for its substitutes. In this post, you are going to get some amazing substitutes for TheWatchSeries that you can watch in your country. The easiest method to use that is VPN extensions. You can search VPN Chrome or Firefox Extensions in your browser and you will get a zillion result. TheWatchSeries domain name is frequently changed like TheWatchSeries.pw, TheWatchSeries.to, etc.

As the website, TheWatchSeries is banned in many regions, so there are too copy websites that are available as an alternative to TheWatchSeries. They serve the same as TheWatchSeries by giving you free content in your desired language. You will get many free shows, series, and movies on these websites.

Especially in the times of CORONA, when you can’t go out or take a walk, some entertainment will not harm you. These websites got you covered. It will prove to be a daily supply of entertainment in your life, in your desired genre. These are the best dummies for TheWatchSeries. I’m listing a few of them which are working and will do the job for you.

11. xMovies8

Xmovies8 is one of these websites that upload only the latest TV shows, films serials web series, and so on. The uploaded content on Xmovies8 is available in HD Quality. There is however the option of choosing the quality of the video you choose to stream.

Today, users can choose to stream free movies on their computer, TV screen or tablet, smartphone, and any gaming gadget. You can stream any time without having to adhere to a strict time. This is all possible thanks to Xmovies8.

12. 1Movies

1Movies allows you to stream all the latest movies and TV series. It doesn’t cost anything, unlike other premium websites. It allows you to watch any content that you wish, without cost. All these contents are subject to piracy. It is therefore prohibited in certain countries. The company keeps changing domain extensions, which is done when illegal content is found on websites.

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