Top 8 Must-Have Gadgets for a Productive Home Office Setup

In the last few years, the number of remote workers has sky-rocketed to unparalleled heights. Now more than ever, companies have recognised the value of offering their employees flexibility and freedom of choice. Many enterprises have adopted a fully remote working practice or at least some sort of hybrid combination. 

Although many workers miss the feeling of going into the office, this can somewhat be replicated by coworking spaces. Here, you can make use of the facilities and also regain the social aspect of going into the office. 

For those who enjoy the comfort of their own space and find themselves to be more productive from their personal home office, this is the perfect article for you. In this blog, we’ll be exploring the most essential gadgets you need to make your home office as comfortable and productive as possible. Keep reading to find out what they are… 

#1 Adjustable Standing Desk 

Most people that have a home office spend all day sitting down. When you’re at the office, you tend to get up and move around slightly more. Whether you’re popping out to do an errand or getting up to talk to a colleague, you’re away from your desk more often. 

Getting the body moving is a great way to heighten productivity and boost your energy levels. You can use an adjustable desk to stand during work hours, which has also been shown to reduce the likelihood of back pain. 

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#2 Wireless Charging Pad 

Clutter is the enemy of productivity and having a clear desk allows you to have a clear mind. However, with a home office, you often feel your devices are constantly running out of battery. If this is a problem you frequently encounter, do not fret, we’ve found the perfect solution for your woes – a wireless charging pad. 

These types of mouse pads can help provide a smooth surface for work whilst charging your electronic devices. No more pesky cables getting in the way or phone batteries dying during important work calls.  

#3 Portable Air Conditioning 

Not all of us have the luxury of air conditioning in every room. However, when your home office is too cold or too warm, you can seriously impact your productivity levels. 

Sure, you could pop open a window or grab an extra jumper, however, comfort is key when it comes to creating your perfect home office. Portable air conditioning units are the best gadgets on the market for regulating room temperatures. Many are even rechargeable, meaning you can move them around until the battery runs out! 

#4 Noise Cancelling Headphones 

Finding your groove and listening to your music uninterruptedly makes all the difference when you’re working from home. You could invest in a great set of speakers, however, if you have any outside noise interfering, this could hinder the quality. 

Instead, we recommend that you purchase some noise-cancelling headphones. This technology even works when there is no sound playing out of your headset! So, you can enjoy the peace and quiet you deserve whilst working. There are a few honorable mentions, however, you can read about our definite favourite in this Sony MDR-V6 review piece.  

#5 Nespresso Coffee Machine

Most individuals can’t stomach a full day of work without a hot cup of coffee by their side. Some days, instant coffee is enough to do the job, but if you’re a coffee aficionado, you’ll need a Nespresso machine in your office.  

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These can come in an array of sizes, prices, and styles, so you’ll be sure to find the right kind for your office. Simply pre-order your capsules online to make sure you’re never out of stock. 

#6 Dual Monitor 

Most jobs require a great deal of multitasking, and it can often be difficult to keep up with everything that’s going on in the day. That’s why many individuals opt for two monitors to help spread the workload across screens. 

You can have your meeting notes on one monitor and your ongoing zoom call on the other. Monitors are relatively inexpensive in comparison to other tech gadgets, so don’t be afraid to have a browse if you’re working with a budget.  

#7 LaserJet Printer 

This may not be a vital necessity for all home offices, however, it’s an incredibly handy device to have at home regardless. Although paper records of documents are becoming increasingly sparse, you never know when you may need one.

Not only this, but many individuals are visual learners, so having the ability to print out physical documents helps them get to grips with the task at hand. We recommend you purchase a wireless model that lets you send documents from the comfort of any device. 

#8 Air Purifier 

Having an air purifier at home can bring a lot of calmness into your space. These devices can help eliminate odour and reduce the presence of bacteria. It’s important to make your home office feel clean and pleasant.  

If you’re someone that struggles with allergies, an air purifier can also help by capturing pet dander, dust mites, and pollen through the filter. Fewer allergy problems also equate to increased productivity, as you’ll feel less drowsy and more productive. 

All in all, your office space should be somewhere you can spend hours on end without feeling burnt out. It’s important to take frequent breaks, but it’s also important to create a space that has everything you need and more to make your job more enjoyable. 

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When we have access to the right kind of equipment, we work infinitely better and faster. We’re not wasting time on finding solutions, as our home office should have everything that we need. 

If you can’t invest in such a large portion of equipment, write a list, and prioritise what you need the most. Start off with one or two items and slowly work your way down the list. If you are part of a company, you can ask them to subsidise some of your purchases or ask whether you can bring in some items from the office until you purchase your own. 

Faqs Related to Gadgets for a Productive Home Office Setup

How do these gadgets improve productivity in a home office?

By providing the necessary tools for getting work done efficiently, these gadgets help improve productivity in a home office. For example, a comfortable chair reduces physical strain, a high-speed internet connection enables fast communication and research, and a high-quality printer ensures clear and accurate printouts.

Are there any other gadgets that are recommended for a home office setup?

Yes, there are additional gadgets that can improve your home office setup, such as a standing desk, a second monitor, a webcam, and a quality microphone. These gadgets can help with posture, collaboration, and video conferencing, respectively.

Can these gadgets be purchased for a low cost?

Yes, there are many affordable options for the top 8 essential gadgets for a home office setup. You can find good quality computer equipment and accessories at budget-friendly prices, making it possible to set up a productive home office on a budget.

How important is it to invest in a high-quality printer for a home office setup?

Investing in a high-quality printer is important for a home office setup because it ensures that you can produce professional-looking documents, reports, and presentations. A high-quality printer also reduces the need for frequent repairs and replacements, which can save time and money in the long run.

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