Computer Drawing Tablet: Ideal for Digital Artists

As a digital artist for a number of years and heavily dependent on the computer for my digital art, the computer drawing tablet is an essential device. Apart from using a drawing tablet for my digital art, it is also a very good computer input device in its own right and I would recommend them to anyone who uses a computer on a regular basis.

What is a computer drawing tablet?

In brief terms, the computer drawing tablet is essentially a computer input device, nothing more, nothing less. This might seem an oversimplified explanation, but it’s really is as simple as that. It’s a flat device which uses a digital pen/computer stylus to input content into the computer in a more intuitive fashion. It allows you to use the computer more familiarly as if you were holding a pen or pencil. This ability is especially useful if your task is drawing painting and writing on the computer, have you ever tried to draw or paint on the computer with a standard mouse.

Some drawing tablets are seen as a mouse replacement, but there are certain drawing pads for the computer that also include a mouse as part of the device set up. The Genius MousePen is a great example of this, as is the Genius Mousepen M508W. 

Why use a computer drawing tablet?

  • Increased functionality

In recent years the functionality of what a computer can be used for has grown fantastically. It has moved into the mainstream of our everyday use and due to its increase in usage and functionality, the computer input devices have also involved. Many computer drawing tablets have increased functionality, above and beyond the typical computer mouse, and can make many functions a lot quicker.

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Along the top of the sides of many drawing tablets there are a number of hotkeys, as seen in the Genius F610 drawing tablet and the Adesso drawing tablet. These are mostly areas which can have a specific task attached to them, like open your browser. A quick tap on the hotkey area with the drawing tablet pen/tablet stylus will open your browser.

These hotkey areas can have any number of functions attached to them and can speed up a number of tasks.

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  • Freedom of use

Using a drawing tablet with your computer allows much more freedom in what you can do and from where. The Genius MousePen is an excellent example of this, with this particular drawing tablet being wireless, adding to its usefulness.

It allows the user to have much more freedom on where they use their wireless drawing tablet in conjunction with the computer itself—ideal for teachers and students who are on the move and illustrates the freedom of such devices.

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Drawing tablets also offer much more freedom for the digital artist, who’s movements while painting digitally are broader than that possibly needed when using the general computer mouse. The very nature of painting and drawing on the computer needs the ability for broader freedom of movement and drawing tablets can offer this.

Some drawing tablets do come bundled with a mouse, like the Genius MousePen that can be used with a specific drawing tablet. Having a computer mouse as part of the particular device allows the user to swap between the computer mouse and the drawing pad for different situations, as and when needed. This essentially gives the computer user the total freedom and functionality of how they input information into the computer and takes advantage of the best of both the computer mouse and drawing tablet devices.

  • Stunning results for digital art
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It goes without question that using a drawing tablet with your PC is an absolute must when considering digital art. The results will speak for themselves, as seen from some examples of my own digital art, and the drawing tablets on the market today with have a device suitable for everyone. The natural feel of using and controlling your artwork along with the limitless possibilities of the software, open up endless potential and stunning artwork.

If you are a general computer user who spends a lot of time on the computer or someone looking to touch on digital art, then a computer drawing tablet is a worthwhile investment. It will increase your productivity and make using the computer a much more enjoyable experience, and they do not have to be that expensive, as the reviews within Drawing Tablet Reviews will highlight.

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