Roku Device: The Best Companion for your Television

Roku is an American company that focuses on giving people the streaming services they deserve. Roku’s first model was developed to stream online content on a large screen without a smart TV. Here is everything you need to know about Roku devices.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Roku Device

Features and Functionalities

One of the very first things you must consider before buying a Roku device is the specs. However, Roku products are pretty much the same. But, some boast additional features and functionalities like TV HDMI connectivity and a voice remote control. But if you prefer budget price over unique features, there are also some cheap yet reliable Roku devices in the market.


You should always know the TV specs first before buying a Roku device. It will help you with what product is compatible with your television. You do not want to buy a Roku device immediately without knowing if it matches your TV. Just take Roku Premiere, for example. If your TV does not support 4K resolution, then what is the point of buying it?

Robustness and Reliability

People always want long-lasting products. Before they go out to buy something, they will make sure if that product will last. Although Roku devices came from pretty much the same manufacturing company, some of them differ from another. In terms of design, Roku Streaming Stick comes in a thumb drive size, which is very accessible. In contrast, Roku Ultra is larger and supports high-quality formats for better resolution.

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Best Value for Money

Finally, one of the things you have to consider the most before buying a Roku device is the price. If the product has the best value for money, it will attract a lot of customers. Roku devices vary in prices depending on their specifications, functions, and quality. But, be sure always to remember to not compromise the quality over affordability.

You have to create a price range on how much you are willing to spend before buying a Roku device. It is imperative because the price factor will help you to find the best product that suits you. One of the best Roku devices we highly recommend is the Roku Premiere+ if you do not care about the prices. It comes with a fantastic voice remote control.

5 Best Roku Devices in the Market Right Now

After learning what you have to consider first before buying a Roku device, you can now buy one with ease. Below is the list of the best Roku devices in the market today, sorted out by price from the cheapest to the most expensive.

Roku Express

Roku Express is the cheapest Roku device in the market that can support online streaming services. For only $30, you get to access popular streaming platforms like Netflix, HBO, Amazon, and many more. It comes with a comfortable remote control and a unique mobile app for a private viewing.

Roku Premiere

If your television supports 4K and HDR, then Roku Premiere is the best option for you. It only costs less than $50, which is an excellent deal for your budget. It supports some of the most well-known online streaming services, such as HBO, Netflix, and Amazon. It is pretty much like the Roku Express, except this device has much better resolution and performance.

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Roku Streaming Stick Plus

In terms of compatibility, Roku Streaming Stick Plus is one of the best on the list. Aside from its accessibility to support standard HD and 4K TVs, it also comes at an affordable price of $49.99. It also offers a voice search feature and excellent Wi-Fi connectivity.

Roku Ultra

Roku Ultra boasts its voice remote control. You can search for something through your voice and even control your television with it. The price of $80 is a great deal for its performance and functionalities. It comes with USB and MicroSD ports and an earphone jack on the remote.

Roku Smart Soundbar

If you are looking for a Roku device with everything you want, from 4K streaming to the cinematic audio experience, Roku Smart Soundbar is the best option. For only $150, you get to enjoy all of its features like faster performance, Ethernet port, and a headphone jack on its remote. It also boasts its excellent voice search functionality, which works much better than any other Roku device.


This guide contains everything you need to know about Roku, from things to consider before buying one to the top five best products in the market. Even if you are not a Roku enthusiast, you will be amazed at what Roku can do to your television experience.

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