Advanced Strategies for Playing Live Blackjack

As gambling has grown in popularity over the years, playing live blackjack at a casino has become more and more popular among many people, young and old alike. What are ways to improve yourself more than a casino? The objective of this blog post is to give you insight into advanced strategies that can help you beat the house.

Playing Blackjack Outside of a Casino

If you prefer not to go to a casino to play live blackjack, there are a few options for you. The first way is to play the best blackjack online. Many live blackjack online casinos offer blackjack that can be played through your web browser. When you play online, there are no limits on the amount of money you can bet or how long you can play the live dealer blackjack games.

You may also decide to play blackjack at social clubs you are a member of. These can be schools, work organizations, churches, or any other groups of people who regularly come together for a certain purpose. Some people may think that the house has an advantage in social clubs since everyone is typically on good terms, and no one wants to break up the fun.

Rules of the Game

When playing live blackjack, there are certain rules you should follow to become truly successful at it. First of all, always stay at a table where the dealer is standing on soft seventeen (as opposed to hitting on sixteen).

The game’s strategy revolves around recognizing when the dealer is showing a ten or an ace. This is the time when you play perfect basic strategy, and you stay at a bet of one or two chips. If the dealer shows any other card that is not part of a pair, then you can increase your bet since he has more than an eighteen percent chance of busting in these cases.

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Playing the Odds (How to Beat the House)

Another thing that can be crucial in winning at live blackjack is knowing when you need to lay down extra money or ‘packing a harder’ card. You should always play the odds when possible; if you are dealt a king that shows a ten-point total, and your hand only has one other card showing eleven or more points, then it is better to lay down two cards.

For example, if you are dealt seven diamonds and three hearts since there is no other white card showing eleven or more points, you should lay down the four. This will reduce your chance of losing to twenty-five percent (your hand has one chance in four of winning). Your chances will be lower with 2-2 (of winning), 3-3 (of winning), 4-4 (of winning) or 5-5 (or less than 5-5) hands.

The rule of 9s in blackjack

If you’re playing live blackjack, it is important to realize that when the dealer shows a 9, and they have an ace up, it is advantageous for you to go over sixteen. The only exception to this rule is if the casino rules state that the dealer must hit on seventeen.

Consequently, in this situation, you will have to stay with us. If the dealer can’t hit on sixteen, he will have to hit on seventeen, and you’ll be in a losing situation. This is because the dealer will then bust when he goes over twenty-one, giving you less than twenty percent chance of winning.

This happens because the rule of 17 is applied to the game only when it is played at casinos that also use soft 17 (as opposed to hard 17).

Playing Double Down

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When you are playing live blackjack, it is important to learn when to double down. The best time to do this is when you have a ten, and there are two cards being dealt off of the deck, and you also have an ace showing less than sixteen (with another card showing less than ten). If the dealer has a ten or a king, it can be advantageous to double down on a nine.

This is because when the dealer goes over 21, he will hit. This can be advantageous since you are guaranteed to get one more card from his hand (which can be two or three points higher than any of the cards in your hand), and then you would be able to bust a ten.

Playing Against an Expert Dealer

Experts have over non-experts because they know how long a certain situation should last before they bust. Thus they can plan their strategy accordingly. Some dealers have a strategy that lasts for exactly one round; this means that they will split when they go over 21.

An even better strategy is the one that lasts for three to four rounds; this means they will bust when they are in the situation where they have an ace showing and another card showing less than 16. These are both good strategies because you won’t ever lose more than thirty percent of your money (because you are guaranteed to get a card from their hand after every two cards).

Showing your Hand in Blackjack (a Victory or a Defeat?)

When you decide to reveal your hand in live blackjack, it should be done so while signaling this intent with some visual cue. Simply look at the dealer, and then spread your cards on the table surface.

Keep in mind, and make sure that you do not only request to see. This is because you could be misinterpreted as asking for more cards. Instead, look at the dealer when you push your bet over to them and wait for their response. If they give a visual cue indicating to stay with your hand, then you can safely stay with it without having to ask to do so verbally.

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The Steady-State Equation for PK and VP Probabilities in HCP vs. HCP hands

When two players are playing the same game and are both dealt cards of the same value, the game will move through three distinct stages.

The first stage is called pre-flop. In this stage, it isn’t necessary to have any mathematical formulas to determine the outcome of this game because all of the players have an equal chance of winning. This is because all they have are starting cards.

The second stage is called flop betting. Players will try to win by betting with lesser hands and folding with stronger hands. This is because the flop has been dealt out, which means there are three cards that can help your hand.

The third stage is called turn betting. Players will continue to bet with weaker hands and bet so that they don’t have to worry about fighting against stronger hands that are already on the table.


Blackjack is a game that can be played both online and at live casinos. It’s a game that allows you to play against dealers, and it also allows you to play against other players. Blackjack should be played with a perfect strategy to win money, but even if you don’t have any inside knowledge about the game of live blackjack, you can still enjoy playing it by following some easy tips we brought up above.

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