Best Ways to Make Money in OSRS

There’s plenty of ways to make money in OSRS, so here are a few of the best methods for you to use.

The currency in Old School Runescape certainly has its role to play. This is why there are so many different ways for you to make OSRS gold in the game. However, some methods are more effective than others. So, we are going to be taking a look today at some of the most effective ways in which you can earn gold in Old School Runescape.

Volcanic Ash

By mining volcanic ash, you stand to make a fair amount of OSRS gp. You probably shouldn’t use this to actually get your mining skill itself up, but you can use it to get your gold up.

To make this method work, you’ll first need to have completed the Bone Voyage quest. Your mining level meanwhile will need to have reached level 22 or higher. Make sure that you have a rune pickaxe too, as well as an Amulet of Glory. The level 22 requirement is a benchmark, as having a higher level is going to help you earn more OSRS gold on an hourly basis. The Amulet of Glory isn’t completely necessary either, but it does mean that you can make more gold due to the chances of uncut gems being mined.

Finished the aforementioned quest means that you gain access Fossil Island. If you are looking to use mining volcanic ash as a moneymaking method, then you stand to make around 45,000 gold per hour.

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Specifically, we are going to be looking at unfinished potions. This requires your Herblore to be up to at least level 54. This is another case of providing you with a rough idea of where your level should be. If you can get it past 54, then you are going to make more OSRS GP per hour.

For starters, we need to buy clean Kwuarm herbs, so head over to the Grand Exchange to get some. We will also need Water Vials as well, so we can combine them together to make an unfinished potion. We can then take these back to the Grand Exchange to be sold. This should net you a profit of around 100 OSRS gold. Therefore, you can make over 1,000 OSRS GP per inventory depending on your Herblore level. Per hour, with Kwuarm potions, you can make up to 150,000 gold.


Whilst we are on the subject of Herblore, we can also make gold by cleaning herbs. You are going to actually need to already have some OSRS gold yourself here, as well as a high Herblore level, depending on which herbs you choose. This is a click-intensive method of making money, however, and the gold you earn is hard to pin down in terms of the amount. The profits that you make tend to fluctuate, so a bit of research is needed for this method to work.

Tanning Cowhides

For this method, we are going to need to have some coinage as well. A minimum of seven quest points is also needed. Once we have this, we can go over to the Grand Exchange to start buying cowhides. The method is to then tan them and sell them back for a profit.

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For every cowhide, it will cost you 1 OSRS gold to tan it, so you won’t have to buy OSRS gold to foot the bill. The cowhide itself is cheaper than soft leather, just to give you an idea of the cost. Tanning one hide takes just under one minute using the Al Kharid Tannery technique. If you wish, you can tan cowhides to hard leathers as well, though you’ll need to have your crafting level at 28. It will also vary in terms of profit depending on the current prices of the leathers and the cowhides. Nevertheless, you can get a ballpark figure of around 45,000 gold per hour with the soft leather method.

If you have been looking for OSRS gold for sale due to daunting prices of certain desired items like the Twisted Bow or such, then try these methods first. They are pretty simple ways for you to make gold in the game. There are of course many others for you to find, and once you discover a method that’s right for you, your character will be going straight from rags to riches. What are you waiting for? Go and get started on your journey for copious amounts of gold with these methods as your guide!

Have you tried these OSRS money making methods? Let us know in the comments section below!

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