Can you Bet on College Football?

College football is hugely popular with a large number of people. For its fans, the attraction lies in a lack of commercial interference and the opportunity to watch the brightest talents of the sport. 

But what some people may not realize is that it’s possible to bet on college football. So, in this guide, we’ll take a look at some top tips on how to make college football bets. We’ll also take a look at college football picks and how to get the best deals and bonuses.

But first, let’s check out how college football works. 

How does college football work?

College football is the competitive version of American football that involves student athletes. Its history stretches all the way back to the 1800s and in fact spurred on the development of the professional game of American football. 

It plays a significant role in the sport of American football, particularly in the US and Canada. With no second tier or division in the NFL, college football fulfils that role. 

It also serves as the proving ground for youngsters looking to break into the NFL. Each year, the NFL holds its draft, in which 256 players are chosen from the college leagues to move up to the top flight. 

Even if college players aren’t selected, they can still make it into the NFL by being signed as an undrafted free agent, which still gives them hope should they not be picked during the draft.

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Top tips for betting on college football

There are many different types of bet available when it comes to college football, many of which you may recognize if you’ve bet on the likes of the National Football League (NFL) before.

The simplest bet that you can make is a win/lose bet. This involves picking the winner of the match, with no frills attached. While it’s a straightforward type of bet, you may find the odds are not the best. 

To boost those odds, you could combine a few win/lose bets and make what’s known as an accumulator. With more fixtures involved, you will generally find that the odds increase. The catch is if one leg loses, your entire bet fails. 

Other types of bets that you can make on college football include handicaps. This involves backing a team to win, despite them having a score handicap. So, if you back one team with a handicap of -5, this means that they have to win the match by more than five points for you to win your bet (you simply deduct five points from their overall score).

Some sportsbooks also offer proposition bets. Particularly for big events, sportsbooks may advertise enhanced odds on certain incidents that may occur throughout the course of the match. An example of this may be a specific player scoring two touchdowns. 

Now you know how to bet on college football matches and the types of bets you could make. Next, let’s look at ways you can make the most of those bets with deals, bonuses and offers. 

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How to get deals and bonuses

When it comes to accessing deals and bonuses with sportsbooks, there are a few things to keep in mind. 

The most important thing to remember is that the best deals and offers are reserved for those who sign up to a betting site for the first time. 

Among the most popular welcome bonuses that are offered to new players are the matched first deposit or the matched first bet bonus.

This involves you making a deposit for your first bet and the sportsbook matching it. Some will even match up to a massive $2,000.

So, if you’re feeling confident about a bet, one route you could take would be to sign up for a new betting site and use the welcome bonus for your bet. If you win, you could see double the profits. 

Throughout the college football season, there’ll be a few big fixtures that betting sites will offer enhanced odds for. These better odds may relate to specific outcomes in the game, such as the home team scoring more than three touchdowns. 

Regular players on betting sites may receive coupon codes or exclusive bonus deals for regular play. 

And some betting sites also double up as online casinos – in this case, it’s not uncommon for deals to include free spins on the likes of slot machine games. 

The key thing with deals and bonuses is to do your research and keep your eyes peeled for any new announcements. 

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