First Look at Path of Exile’s 3.15 Expansion

What the future has in store for the Path of Exile game

With the Ultimatum League ending soon, it’s time to look forward to the new league. Grinding Gear Games has released an incredibly short teaser, showing a few things about the next league in Path of Exile. We’re not 100% sure about anything shown yet, but sometimes speculation is fun. Take a break from farming PoE currency, and let’s go through what’s shown in the teaser.

Path of Exile 3.15 Expansion Teaser

It’s only 18 seconds long, showing an exile running through a field of skulls mounted on top of stakes, four new skills, and a group of characters. That’s it.

The skulls on stakes look like underwater sandworms, hyping players up for a potentially underwater/nautical themed expansion. They’ve long been asking for a ‘boat league’ that even Grinding Gear Games poked fun at the tendency in one of their tweets. Unfortunately, they are glowing skulls stabbed into the ground. Whatever they’re for, it seems to be an important part of the expansion.

The skills in this Path of Exile Expansion look cool. The first is something that looks similar to the crowd-favorite Cyclone, maybe borrowing some other skills’ effects as well. The second looks like it deals Chaos Damage, judging by its purple coloration. The third is a cross-shaped light show that even engraves its pattern on the ground of its Area of effect (AoE). The fourth looks similar to the second, but at a closer range.

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Lastly, the group of characters in Path of Exile. There are four of them, three standing in the center while the last stands a little off to the side. The group in front is composed of two men (one shorter than the other), and a woman (maybe, it’s ambiguous). The last person is a man of generous girth, clad in a seemingly richer fashion than the others. Beside him are the supplies, suggesting he’s a merchant of some kind.

When Can We Get Answers?

Since they’ve put up a Path of Exile Expedition Expansion teaser, Grinding Gear Games also announced the date of the live stream promising more details about the expansion. It was live on July 15 at 1PM (PDT). Be sure to check what date and time that is in your timezone, so you don’t miss it. It may be prudent to start stocking up on those PoE orbs for the next expansion! 

If you haven’t played Path of Exile before, this is the perfect time to play this game and Path of Exile is free-to-play. I hope you don’t find yourself absorbed too much in the world of Wraeclast. Hope to see you on the Path of Exile Expedition expansion on July 28th.

Continue enjoying Path of Exile!

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