Google Stadia Controller Vs Other Controllers


Google last year introduced its cloud gaming service “Google Stadia” last year with a system where you don’t need to download any game rather you can stream each and every game which you buy on Stadia. Google Stadia with its premiere edition controller came out to market on 19th November last year in three color variants that are Cleary White, Just Black, and Wasabi. With high expectations, Google’s main aim is to promote the modern style of gaming that is cloud gaming. Also, Google promoted its Google Stadia with its ability to use the function of Google Assistant which is a feature button of Google Stadia controller. Google Stadia controller can work on any device with wired and wireless connection and not only on the Google Stadia platform. But is Stadia worth it? future will tell us.


Google Stadia Controller’s Price

Google has introduced its controller with a price of 69$. As discussed above there are 3 colors available right now if you want the additional Stadia controller. If you want to buy the premiere addition controller than you have to pay 129$ and you will get the Stadia subscription too with the controller. 

Buttons & Functions of Google Stadia Controller Buttons

The structure built of the Google Stadia controller is mostly similar to the Xbox and DualShock controller. It looks like the combination of both the controller built-in one. But some features like Google Assistant make it stand out from other controllers. Here is a list of buttons and its functions of the Google Stadia Controller:

  • 2 Analog Sticks
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Used for the in game player movement and the accessing options of Google Stadia in pause menu.

  • 4 Bumper Buttons

For gaming purpose

  • Left Direction Pad 

Used for gaming purpose and accessing the menu of the Stadia.

  • Google Assistant Button

Button will help you guide through the menu of Google Stadia on and off game with just a voice command.

  • Options Button

Accessing the menu option of the Google Stadia and pausing the game.

  • Stadia Home button

For accessing the Home option and pausing the game.

  • Capture Button

Used for capturing gameplays and sharing it worlwide.

  • Microphone Built-in

For communication purpose and giving commands to the Google Assistant.

  • Headset Jack

Used for headphones and earphones connectivity.

How to use your controller for playing games on stadia

Before using any controller for playing games on stadia you have know right now there are only few controllers that can be used with the stadia connectivity. Out of which below is a list of controllers that works well with the Stadia.

Controller NameMobile Phone ConnectivityChrome ConnectivityTelevision Connectivity
Google Stadia ControllerYes (USB)Yes (USB)Yes (WiFi)
DualShock 4Yes (USB and Bluetooth)Yes (USB and Bluetooth)No
Xbox 360 ControllerYes (USB and Bluetooth)Yes (USB and Bluetooth)No
Xbox One ControllerYes (USB and Bluetooth)Yes (USB and Bluetooth)No
Logitech F310Yes (USB)Yes (USB)No
Switch Pro ControllerNoYes (USB and Bluetooth)NO

Note:- Google has emphasized using their Google Stadia controllers for best gaming experience although these other controllers above mentioned work well with Google Stadia. So, Google has not restricted gaming on stadia only on their controller which is a good thing. 

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So how to connect your controller and start playing on Google Stadia is the next question? There are two ways by which you can connect your Xbox or DualShock controller with the mobile or Chrome connectivity.

  • The first one is the wireless one which you can do just by connecting the controller through Bluetooth connectivity. For that you have to make the Stadia to host Bluetooth pairing mode then just like you connect your controller with the console like PlayStation or Xbox you can connect that to your Stadia through Phone or Computer.
  • The second one is the wired connection one where you just have to find out the USB connectivity on your computer or mobile connectivity. For this to happen you just need a cable that connects the phone or computer to your controller.
  • Lastly, for television connectivity as of now, there is only one option that is Google Stadia itself because for televisions the controller connectivity is through Wifi.

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