The Most High-Priced Skins, Knives, and Guns in CS GO

CSGO is one of very famous shooting video games in which different teams combat opposing each other by utilizing different weapons that include, guns, knives, and bombs, etc. this game is popular against gamers because it provides a wide range of fancy weapon skins. Skins are used to decorate your weapons with visually alluring surfaces. The players want to buy the bests skins for their weapons while playing CSGO. You can obtain a skin by playing the game or you can also buy these from the market using real money. Today, trading of these CSGO skins is very common in online markets. If you are a gamer and fond of different CSGO skins, then you must be looking for rare and best weapons and skins for your weapons so that you can amaze you and your friends. It is a fact that all CSGO skins are alluring and trendy, but it is difficult to know which ones are trending in the present days. Sometimes, you like a skin but you are not sure whether to ask its price or not. Here we have made a list of the most luxurious and expensive CSGO skins and weapons so that you can choose your dream skin easily.


Bayonet crimson web is really one of the coolest weapons. Players likeit very much when they acquire their stats. It is a red-colored weapon skin having a spider web painted on it.

Price: $30,000


Is its name confusing? Is it the same knife mentioned above? The answer is no! It is an M9 bayonet. This is one of the most high-priced and rare knives in CSGO. It is rare for the reason that it is entirely appropriate to close a quarter battle. Also, it is very famous because of its red color.

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Price: $45,000


StatTrak M4A4 Howl is one of the most famous and trending weapons in CS GO. It is a completely automatic strike shooting gun for CT’s with customized paint along with a picture of a growling wolf.

Price: $26,000


Howling dawn is one of the costliest stickers in CSGO. You can buy it if you want to change the appearance of your weapons. You can apply this sticker in any of the guns or knives that you own. You can also scratch it to make it tattered until it is erased.

Price: $249


This amazing skin named AWP medusa is for the gun liked by everyone. This skin is adorned with custom paint along with an image of a hag painted on it. The best thing about this gun is that it can kill in one shot.

Price: $1800


It is an overwhelming skin for every CSGO player’s favorite shooting gun. It has a thrilling version that contains CSGO stickers for FAZE. This skin is a highly demanded and rare one.

Price: 37,000


If we notice, the empress is a very strong and dependable gun in the history of counter strike global offense. It is in the knowledge of almost everybody that AK47 is a real-world shooting gun that is quite famous. similarly, it is also a very popular weapon in CSGO. AK-47 the empress is very popular in CSGO because it has several weapon skins that is an incredible fact. There are a large number of CSGO prime accounts for sale, so buy one and enjoy using this amazing weapon.

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Price: $760


Falchion knife also known as Marble fade is an amazing CS GO weapon. It is a very costly CSGO knife. It has a very amazing blade with a curvy edge. Marble Fade is a beautiful knife having shiny metallic paints; silver and black. There are a lot of colors available for this blade, but they turn red in very less time.

Price: $762


It is a newly introduced skin that was released recently in CSGO. It is designed with a beautiful and alluring anime cover made of heat transfer vinyl. It is one of the best and appealing CSGO skins.

Price: $1574

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It is the highly priced and luxurious item in CSGO in contrast with other CSGO items’ costs. Many of CSGO knives have curved blades. Similarly like all other knives it also has a curved blade having a back grasp. It is also designed with a decoration of multiple metallic paints making it more beautiful.

Price: $10,000


It is one of the most trending Ak skins. AK-47 case hardened is an emphasized piece used for ST technology that is able to track various definite statistics.

Price: $35,000

So here is the list of best CSGO skins and weapons so that you can easily choose between them. But you need to save a lot of money to buy them. So, don’t be shy and choose wisely the items that meet your budget.

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