How to play the best Nintendo games on your PC

1) The ultimate Gamecube and Wii emulator: Dolphin

Dolphin is a latest-generation emulator: it allows you to simulate more recent consoles, such as the Gamecube or even the Wii. Moreover, the software goes further than simple emulation, since it will enable you to play in HD (1080p), whereas even the Wii can’t reach in such a definition. Without a doubt, this is the most greedy emulator in this article, but its possibilities are so attractive that it is worth it. Dolphin is, for example, able to support the Wiimote.

2) Gamecube PC Emulator

We are going to study how to run Gamecube games on your PC thanks to the Dolphin emulator; this one is currently at version 4.0.2. Dolphin is a good emulator, and it can emulate games Gamecube is Wii, this one has an undeniable asset compared to other emulators all consoles combined, indeed, in addition to being able to run worth games in HD resolutions, Dolphin also allows you to increase the internal resolution of your games, the internal solution is the resolution of the textures which constitutes the 3d rendering of a video game. 

After downloading the version of your choice, follow the Dolphin installation procedure. The Dolphin version that will be presented below will be the latest stable version of Dolphin because I don’t want to take any risk with an understanding of the software that is not yet fully developed. So first of all, run Dolphin and let’s start by first setting the graphics options of the Gamecube emulator by going to the options menu and then to graphics settings.

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3) PPSSPP for Windows

Entirely available in French, PPSSPP allows you to play your PSP games in ISO or CSO format, accessible directly from the program’s home page, in the form of illustrated thumbnails. The games benefit from a beautiful graphic rendering and a fluid animation.

The interface, elegant and pleasant to navigate, is full of various options. You can configure the graphics (buffering, speed, performance, texture scaling and filtering, etc.) and audio (volume of effects and music, silence, etc.). On Android, the use of the controls is also highly customizable: analogue tilt, key reassignment, vibration, etc. You can adjust the layout, size and opacity of the buttons, as well as define dead zones or the sensitivity of the analogue stick. It’s a pity that the program doesn’t offer more screen formats and portrait mode; this would probably have allowed for smoother gameplay.

4) DownloadRoms

For many gamers, Downloadroms is a must-have tool that is compatible with a host of portable and home consoles and is based on a titanic video game database. With its multiplayer possibilities and its easy-to-use interface, this solution is the ultimate emulator!

Downloadroms is a software that integrates a host of game emulators allowing old games to be played on PCs under many portable or home consoles. Thanks to its extensive database, this solution offers the possibility to (re)discover great classics that have marked the history of video games.

Whether you are a retro gaming enthusiast or just curious, Downloadroms will allow you to find games on dozens of platforms with ease.

5) PCSX2

PCSX2 is a powerful, reliable and complete PS2 emulator. The addition of plugins and the extensive library of compatible games (over 2400) are undeniable assets that make PCSX2 an excellent PS2 emulator on PC.

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PCSX2 is an OpenSource emulator that will allow you to enjoy your favourite PlayStation 2 games on your computer. This emulator, developed by the same team as the PlayStation PCSX emulator, offers compatibility with more than 2400 PS2 games as well as many plug-ins to guarantee you right gaming conditions.

However, an exemplary configuration is recommended to ensure that your games run correctly and without slowing down. PCSX2 will allow you to manually choose and configure all the plugins related to sound, video or controller. You will be able to set up the backup folder as well as the BIOS, which you will have to import from your console.

6) VisualBoyAdvance

An excellent challenger to the Boycott Advance emulator. Advanced debugging features make it a dream tool for console developers.

VisualBoyAdvance is an Open Source GameBoy emulator. It supports saving and restoring a state in the game as well as a full-screen mode that enhances the image by antialiasing.

A screen capture function is proposed as well as support for the joystick and the printer of the Gameboy (Editor’s note: rather futile, we grant you that).

This emulator is also aimed at programmers with a series of development tools: memory dump, debugging, import/export of states, graphical memory display. This last function is enjoyable to obtain, for example, the complete plot of the map of a level.

7) NeoRage X

George perfectly emulates the Neo-Geo special hardware. The time when this program had the exclusivity of the perfect emulation of the famous SNK machine is over, but despite that, the program keeps undeniable qualities.

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This excellent emulator will allow you to discover (or rediscover) the games of an old machine known as Neo-Geo. Most of the game library of this hardware consists of arcade games. You will therefore find several fighting games, various legendary Shoots them up (ship games) as well as a handful of cool platform games. With George, you will be able to dust off many legendary and popular titles from the 90s.

8) SNES9x

SNES9X is one of the best Super Nintendo emulators, if not THE best. To own if you are a nostalgic of the first hour.

SNES9X is one of the best Super Nintendo emulators. In order not to spoil anything, the program is available on the leading platforms (Windows, Mac OS, Linux). SNES9X, therefore, comes with a plethora of welcome options. A first significant feature, it is possible to play in multiplayer via the Internet! Of course, the configuration aspect will not be forgotten: to get the most out of this emulator, it will be possible to change many settings (for the audio or video part).

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