How to Trade CS:GO Skins and Sell Them Outside of Steam

The Counter-Strike Global Offensive’s weapon skins are making a buzz for the players worldwide. It has turned the game into a collector’s paradise for the bettors. But, what are the best options for a player to trade and sell skins besides Steam’s marketplace?

Website is leading the skin trading besides Valve’s Steam platform. The former platform has come a long way since the CSGO’s skin boom in 2015 and 2016. The scams are less likely to occur if users verify a few basic things before getting into the selling process.

How to Trade CS:GO Skins Besides Steam

First of all, use a reliable CSGO skin website to trade CS:GO skins. The two popular options to sell your skins are and The reliable platforms will ask the players to log in through steam, making it a safe way to do business. Here’s what you should watch out for before trading and selling CS:GO skins besides using the Steam platform.

For instance, we are using to understand the steps. But it is relatively similar for the majority of the third-party sites. 

NOTE: If users find any illicit or different URLs or certificates than the original one, users should leave instantly.

Step 1: Log in With Steam Credentials to Sell Your CS:GO Skins

The scammers may fake the appearance of Steam’s login page, but it’s not that easy to bypass the secure connection. Players should look out for the lock option next to the login URL. Check out if it displays a lock sign to ensure a secure connection. Plus, the certificate should read “Valve”.

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Let’s move on to step two.

Step 2: Choose the CS:GO Skins You Want in Return for the Ones You Don’t

Site has an individual system to trade CS:GO skins. The players here need to place their items on one side and add extra items from the inventory on the other side. Every player would want to make a trade that gives them a few cents or dollars in return. Players can also add funds to to plugin the price difference.

Add your selected items from and tap on “Trade”.

Step 3: Double-check the Trade Offer and Verify it on Steam Guard

It doesn’t matter which website a player is on, as most websites use bots to display trade offers on Steam. It is safe this way as players need to verify their trade in the smartphone app. Besides, they have ample time to say no to the trade offer.

Always ensure to put up the trade what the bot has shown in front of you. So, select the one item that the bot offers you for trading skins. If everything goes right, players can tap on “trade.” They are likely to get a screen warning about a “suspicious trade.” And, that’s normal in the case of trading multiple items for a single one.

Step 4: Verify the Trade Through the Steam Smartphone App and Steam Guard

The importance of Steam Guard and two-factor authentication is a must. It’s a good practice to double and triple check the trade and make sure it is what you got. After the players tap on “trade” in the Steam client, they’ll get a verification alert on their mobile authenticator.

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Players need to open the app and confirm the trade a second time.

Step 5: Flaunt Your New Inventory

Now it’s time to show off your awarding screenshots with Steam’s point awards. Capture a nice screenshot and post it to the CSGO’s community hub.

That’s the end of moving CS:GO skins outside of Steam and starting trading to earn your new skins. Players have to pay real money to buy new skins, and they can sell them anytime they feel like it. 

Why the Steam Marketplace May be a Bad Deal for CS:GO Skins

The problem here is, Valve takes a 15% giant cut from every single deal from the player’s share. Besides, the Steam marketplace also adds two more problems that make players switch to third-party sites.

First, Valve will mail tax forms to US residents if they sell plenty of items on the market. And, it’s a hassle no player wants to deal with. The software developers in the other countries also hand out forms at specific dollar amounts. 

Secondly, players can’t sell big-ticket items on Steam that are worth more than $2000. 

The Fun of Trading and Selling CS:GO Skins 

The process was quite shady before but has now got a major overhaul. The new CSGO skin sites are trustworthy and reliable for the major part. They do ask for a small cut from the total price, but it’s way less than what Valve charges on every deal. 

Website, for instance, takes only 7% commission fee. Last but not the least, as long as players are careful about selling their CS:GO skins, it’s a much safer experience. 

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