Is Your Money Safe on Online Rummy Sites in India?

There have been a lot of cooler chats and rumours regarding the safety of a player’s money in online rummy sites. The most common hearsay is that gaming platforms such as online rummy sites or real money rummy apps are rigged and manipulate your gaming behaviour or the cards itself. Among others, is the safety of your money deposits and transactions made by players when playing cash games online.

We decided we put an end to this debate once and for all and make things easy for at least those of who are interested to explore online gaming but hesitant to go ahead due to such rumours. Fortunately, facts are on your favour because there is more than one way to decide on how to place your trust on only those rummy sites that flout these claims with verified proof and valid security measures. 

We will list them all here.

RNG Certification

RNG breaks down to Random Number Generation, an algorithm that generates a random sequence of numbers on a device that cannot be predicted other than by chance. Credible online rummy sites in India use this algorithm to negate any form of biased or favourable gaming pattern or behaviour towards any specific player or a group of players. 

If you wish to make sure this process is implemented on any particular gaming website on real money rummy apps, simply visit their platform and check if they have displayed their certification on the same. If the gaming app in question has offered proof certifying their RNG implementation, you can be assured that your game isn’t rigged in any form.

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SSL/TSL Security

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. The most credible and layman definition on this is that SSL or TSL, its successor is a secure communication layer that allows safe transfer of data and information between the sender and the receiver through cryptographic encryption. A general example would be instant messages, e-mails and internet surfing.

This security layer is used by credible online rummy sites in India to protect user data, personal and financial information so that any form of online financial transactions you make in respect to deposit and withdrawal of online money remains secure on the platform and protected from third party attacks.

Responsible Gaming

Responsible Gaming is a player-driven feature offered by credible online rummy sites in India to help players practice responsible gaming and protect genuine players from fraudulent or suspicious activities. Let’s take an example of a legit and credible online rummy site in India that practices responsible gaming to protect a player’s interests.

The online rummy site goes by the name, RummyBaazi. Besides covering the aforementioned elements, the Indian gaming platform performs some key actions to offer a safer, healthier and fair gaming environment to all users. We are listing down some key specifics for you to acknowledge the importance of Responsible Gaming in online rummy sites in India.

  • RummyBaazi restricts under age gaming and forbids players under 18 years of age to create an account on the platform.
  • It restricts under age players to play cash games on its real money rummy app.
  • It performs round the clock monitoring of all games on the app to detect any inappropriate or unfair gaming practices
  • It employs 24*7 anti-collusion techniques.
  • RummyBaazi further steps up security protocols by offering high level encryption security software to safeguard a user’s personal and financial information
  • The portal maintains its credibility by complying to the Indian laws to offer fair and legal services across India
  • The portal further allows players to set limits on their deposits and withdrawals to help them check their gaming patterns and track their financial spends.
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Such measures must be undertaken by online rummy sites in India and acknowledged by players if they wish to enjoy a truly safe and healthy online gaming experience without the threat of financial loss, unfair practices or obsessive behaviour. A compilation of all these features and tools is what truly makes online rummy sites and real money rummy apps trustworthy and credible in their own right.

So, next time you plan to explore the world of online rummy cash games, shove away the rumours and simply go through this list before you decide to put your money and trust on any rummy site.

Happy Gaming!

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