New World Devs Accept Community Challenge

Amazon Gaming Studios accepts players’ petitions for them to play and stream a Myrkgard run. The devs failed the run but got the approval of the community.

New World fans have been unhappy over the past few months due to the hurdles and issues that the game presented. The popular MMORPG has been plagued with multiple glitches and issues resulting from the game’s mechanics and the developers’ questionable decisions. The community has issued a challenge to the devs for them to stream themselves doing a Myrkgard run and farming New World gold. Surprisingly, the devs have accepted the challenge and have done a full run of the elite zone. 

New World’s Problems

Gamers have considered New World as a rising star in the MMORPG genre that has the potential to compete with big games such as World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XIV. For the first few weeks, New World was a resounding success as the initial player base peaked at around a million players. Things were looking bright for New World as thousands of players log in every day to grind New World gold. However, like any other newly released MMO, New World’s initial population declined after the hype died down. Unfortunately, Amazon’s new game faced lot more issues that tested their players’ loyalty to the game. 

Since October, the game has been under scrutiny for various glitches and bugs, particularly the gold exploit that saw New World’s economy under attack. It took a while for devs to address the issue and the players weren’t exactly pleased due to how long it took for them to respond. Amazon Game Studios came under fire once more when it was revealed that they made changes to the end-game content without informing the players. The lack of transparency lowered players’ respect for the gaming studio. Coupled with the unpopular changes to the game’s end content, it’s no wonder why many players leave the game. 

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Stream Challenge

After some questionable patches, players challenged New World devs in the game’s official forum to play and stream the game. The challenge was for the devs to do a 5 to 10-man run in Myrkgard from the west gate to the east gate. Petitioners also imposed a fixed rule where devs can also use gear ranging from 550 to 580 GS. The challenge was issued to test whether or not the devs knew how their proposed and implemented changes affected the game. 

Surprisingly, the devs accepted the challenge and posted a 55-minute video featuring their Myrkgard run. Along with the game’s director, Scot Lane, 10 developers were featured in the challenge video. The run’s intention to show a viable way to clear one of the hardest elite zones in the game turned into chaos. 

Devs admitted that they aren’t as geared as some of New World’s top players, but they were willing to face the dangers of the zone nonetheless. The video was somewhat hilarious as devs struggled so much in the run. At the start, the game developers provided some basic tips throughout their run, but soon after, they had to call it quits as they could not progress further due to the difficulty of the run. 

The decision to accept the challenge was a good move on Amazon’s part as they try to show that they are listening to their players. The video was well-received by the community since they saw the sincerity of the gaming studio to try to appease and connect with their audience. It even garnered further praise when the devs used that opportunity to discuss current significant issues. 

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Moving Too Fast

In their most recent video, devs have commented on how they have been releasing updates at a swift pace. Patches were rolled out without being fully optimized or consultation from the players, resulting in unwanted changes. As of the moment, Amazon has expressed its intention of taking it slow to optimize future updates before pushing them out. 

In the video, devs also announced future content that they are currently testing. One of these upcoming patches will include adding mob augments called “Mutators.” Mutators will give various status or buffs to several mobs in the game which can range from exploding upon death or entering rage mode after being reduced to a certain level. Amazon Gaming Studios stated that they are in no hurry to release this new update as they are still testing it out. 

New World devs have taken the right direction regarding their relationship with their community. By taking every opportunity to connect with their players, New World is slowly rebuilding its rapport with Aeternum’s residents. Though they failed in their quest to farm New World gold successfully in the video challenge, they have succeeded in showing their sincerity to the players.
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