Poker Hands: Sequences & Rankings Explained the Easy Way

Poker hand rankings are the basis of all poker games and tournaments that help you determine the winner of each hand. These poker hand sequences are exact for all poker variants, so whether you play Texas Hold’em or Omaha poker, all players shall size their wagers according to the strength of their poker hands and the winner is decided based on whose poker hand sequence is the strongest of all.

For starters, we will mention the entire list of poker hand rankings from the highest to the lowest rank that are applicable on all online poker games.

  1. Royal Flush

A Royal Flush is the unbeatable and strongest suit of all poker winning hands sequence in a consecutive order. It represents the top five cards of the same suit. EG: Ad,Kd,Qd,Jd,10d

  1. Straight Flush

A Straight Flush is any five cards of the same suit arranged in a serial order. It is the 2nd highest poker hands ranking in any game of poker. Eg: 10h,9h,8h,7h,6h

  1. Four of a kind/Quads

Any four cards of the same rank qualifies as the 3rd highest sequence of poker. Eg: 7h,7d,7c,7c,Qs

  1. Full House

Three cards of one rank and two cards of another rank makes a full house and the 4th strongest poker hands sequence. Eg: 10h,10d,10c,7d,7c

  1. Flush

Flush is the 5th highest poker hands sequence in online poker games and tournaments. It is basically an arrangement of any five cards of the same suit. Eg: Kc,10c,7c,5c,Qc

  1. Straight

Any five cards arranged in a continuous consecutive order makes a straight poker hands sequence. It is the 6th highest poker hand ranking. Eg: 7h,8c,9d,10h,Js

  1. Three of a Kinds/ Trips
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Any three cards of the same rank but different suit makes this 7th highest poker hand ranking. Eg: 6h,6d,6c,10d,5s

  1. Two Pair

Two cards each of the same rank but different suit. Eg: 10h,10c,5c,5d,7s

  1. One Pair

Any two cards of the same rank but different suit make one pair in poker hand rankings. Eg; Ah,Ad,9d,5c,Ks

  1. High Card

When a player fails to hit any of the poker hands above, the highest of the hole cards a player has in any game of poker determines the winner.

This is the complete list of poker hand rankings that apply to all games of poker. If you wish to play any poker variant, you must remember these poker hands in this exact hierarchy so that you do not commit any mistake in estimating the strength of your hands while wagering your bets in the game.

Unique Scenarios in Poker hands

 When you play poker online, there arises some unique situations during a game playing when two or more players hit a similar hand. We shall discuss few common situations that any player may face in online poker games from time to time in terms of poker sequences.

When two players hit a Flush

When any two or more players hit a flush, the player who has hit a higher flush will win the hand. For example, player A hits Kh,7h,10h,2h,6h and player B hits 8h,9h,Ah,3h,5h.

Verdict- Player A wins the hand because Ace beats King.

When two players hit a straight, the player who hits a higher straight wins the pot. For example, player A hits Ks,Qh,Js,10d,9c and player B hits 7h,8c,9s,10d,Jh. 


Verdict– Player A wins the hand because Ace is higher than Jack in the poker sequence.

When No Player Hits Any Poker Hands

When none of the players manage to hit any of the nine poker hands above, the winner is determined based on the higher ranked card a player possess in his/her hole cards. In Texas Hold’em poker, the winner is determined based on the hole card with the higher value. 

For example, let’s take a game of Texas Hold’em poker online. Player A has hole cards, Ah,Kd and player B has hole cards Qh,10c. The flop reveals a dry board and so does the turn and the river, 7h, 5d, 2s, 9s, Jc. Both players fail to hit any poker hands sequence in the round. In this case, player A wins the hand with his Ace acting as the high card.

Now, that you know all the poker hand sequences and rankings that apply to the most popular poker variants, why not test this knowledge and gain some practical experience today?

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