Poker Satellites: Your Gateway to Enjoy Bigger Winnings in Online Poker Tournaments

Isn’t it every poker player’s dream to win big in online poker tournaments? We know the answer but let’s face it, not everyone has the bankroll to play high stakes tournaments, let alone win one every time. Indeed, such poker tournaments are a high risk zone, so how do you minimize the risk yet enjoy the opportunity to play them without cutting out a heavy sum? Ever heard of poker satellites?

If not, it’s time you get acquainted with them. Poker satellites are online poker tournaments per se but they are exclusive in their own right. Winning them can get you tickets to bigger events and tournaments! Satellites are essentially qualifying online poker tournaments that offer tickets to the top players to a bigger tournament, which usually you may have to play for a larger buy-in.

How do Poker Satellites work?

Poker satellites make for an excellent opportunity for players who have the desire to test their skills on a bigger event but often lack the bankroll to do so. For instance, if an online poker tournament carrying a prize pool of 10LAC features a buy-in of 5000 and you have a bankroll of 10,000, it doesn’t make sense to put in all your money in a single poker tournament. A better choice would be to go look for a poker satellite to the tourney if the platform offers any.

Chances are there will be. Online poker sites often offer poker satellites, or sattys (a common poker lingo) for fraction of the buy-in to encourage wider participation so that every player can get a shot to claim bigger prizes and rise in the poker circuit. So, if you find a satellite for the 10LAC tourney say for 200, we suggest you give it a try.

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Perks of Playing Satellites

And now we answer the part why. That’s because poker satellites carry an additional set of secret benefits besides the smaller buy-ins that every player must take advantage of.

Less Competition

As compared to bigger online poker tournaments, sattys often comprise of players who carry a similar skill level like yourself unlike in major tournaments that are jam-packed with professionals or more experienced players. So, the competition is less fierce in poker satellites and navigating the crowd becomes much easier in this zone. 

No pressure to be No. 1

Since sattys offer multiple tickets to bigger events, there is no pressure to hit the top spot. You just have to be in the top 10% percent to qualify for the main event, that’s all there is to it. This means you don’t to play every hand, just the ones that you think are worth it and then value bet them. Keep it tight through the bubble and voila, the big ticket is yours! If you have a small stack, a better strategy would be to simply ride it through without knocking yourself out.

So, do you agree poker satellites are worth your time? We certainly think so and so did Chris MoneyMaker! Those of you who didn’t know, he was the first guy to win the World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event in 2003 and a $2.5 million prize by qualifying through a $86 online poker satellite! Isn’t that truly inspiring?

So, let’s visit an online poker room where you can find plenty of sattys to bigger events. It’s time to take a shot for the ultimate prize money for buy-ins that do not dent your pockets!

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Enter the felts of PokerBaazi, India’s Most Trusted Poker Website

Online poker site, PokerBaazi has plenty going on their online poker app. From new string of tournaments to private tables, this end of 2020 offers you plenty of ways and means to take home big winnings for real. While sattys are all the rage in the town and you can play them every now and then on the online poker app, there are some interesting online poker tournaments that could help you end this crazy year with a big bang!

Here are some awesome takeaways this month on PokerBaazi.

25K Depositor Freeroll

Play to win from this hefty prize pool for a sweet deposit of INR200 using deposit code, “DEP25” every night at 9PM sharp. Use your deposit to play cash games and other online poker tournaments for free!

Daily 50K

Play the Daily 50K by getting a free ticket using deposit code, “Daily50K” every evening at 8:30PM sharp. Like the former, feel free to use your deposit to invest in other cash games, poker satellites and various online poker tournaments on the PokerBaazi app.

These are some really profitable opportunities that offer you double returns on your money and help you boost your poker bankroll without spending an extra dime! 

Say Good bye to 2020 with style!

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