How to Play Roblox on PS4? Can you Play Roblox on PS4?

Is Roblox on PS4 or can you play Roblox on PS4? How can you get Roblox on ps4 you want to? There are many questions that you have in your head, but you’ll find all the answers you need with this guide to playing Roblox PS4.

The good news is that Roblox can be played via Xbox one but not on PS4. So far, there is no official confirmation regarding whether or not it will make its way to PS4.

With more than 107 million units sold PS4 is the top-selling console in the current generation, as of February 2020, beating out competitors like Xbox and Nintendo Switch. Then there’s Roblox which has more than 60 million players per month. The first question that is on every person’s mind is: are they able to be playing Roblox on their favorite Sony console?

Roblox is among the most well-known gaming platforms for players who are both hardcore and casual. Roblox provides some of the best gaming experiences even when there are billion-dollar game companies in the marketplace. With its large user base, it’s difficult to overlook Roblox to play on PS4.

It was first launched in 2005. Roblox has been growing steadily through the years. Its uniqueness lies in its cross-platform capabilities and its availability across a range of OS such as Xbox One, iOS, Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Android. It can make you scratch your head about the reason it’s not available accessible on PlayStation as of yet.

What is Roblox?

Roblox on PS4

One of the main reasons behind the popularity of Roblox aside from the fact that it is open to cross-platform play is the ability it grants for developers to design games of all kinds. Users are free to develop any type of game that they would like to play.

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The platform also lets them earn money from their work. Roblox is user-friendly, and developers can transform your ideas into real games in any way you want. Did we mention that you are able to decide to play as a solo player or with a team on Roblox? You can modify or design anything you want to in games created with Roblox.

Recently, there was an announcement about bringing Roblox onto PS4 which has put the wheels moving in the world of gaming. PlayStation is among the most popular consoles in the world and offers a lot on the table for the developers of Roblox.

Many tournaments online use PS4 for their platforms every time they host tournaments or scrims. Roblox games are rather simple to play and create. They’re not the most visually appealing games, however, they’re very creative and enjoyable to play.

Roblox games can be played by going to their site and signing up. There are a variety of games available on the website, which were either designed by Roblox themselves or other game developers. A few of the games were created made by players themselves.

The only problem is that in the event that you have a PS4 and you go to their website, choose the game you wish to play, then click it, you will be confronted with this message ” Your current platform is not supported“.

Why Has Roblox Not Arrived on the PS4 Yet?

How to Play Roblox on PS4

There is no need to wonder what the reason is why Roblox isn’t one of the most popular consoles ever. We have the answers to your questions. The game was originally launched as an exclusive release for Xbox. This leads us to two possible theories on the reasons why it was never released to PS4.

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1. The initial theory is that of the exclusive agreement signed with Roblox with Microsoft Xbox. There is numerous discussions about the deal. One of them involves the distribution right.

It’s a great deal, in light of exclusive games exclusively for Xbox that Microsoft developed and that is why it’s not surprising Microsoft decided not to let the cow go after making it milk to the fullest potential. Exclusive games in the end provide a significant amount of money to Xbox.

2. Another hypothesis is Sony might not really like the game due to the Xbox One port was bad. It isn’t possible to chat with your acquaintances as well as other users as you do use Windows PC or even macOS.

Additionally, you are not able to access the regular games store to play any Roblox games that have been ported from consoles of previous generations onto Xbox One. Did we mention the sloppy nature of the UI?

In light of the above, it’s understandable the reason Sony isn’t keen on having to release this for the PS4 platform. However, this doesn’t mean that it won’t ever be available on PS4. It may be the case in the near future. For now, it’s not yet available on PS4.

Is There Any Official PS4 Release Date For Roblox?

can you get roblox on ps4

The sad and unfortunate truth is that there’s no. Roblox does not have any official confirmation regarding whether or not they’ll be available on PS4 they will. There are no guarantees in the final analysis.

Although there have been reports for Roblox which describe the position as one that requires 3D porting engines to be able to adapt from Windows.

This is a clear indication that the company has difficulties porting the game to PS4 and it may be just a matter of time before we can see a functioning Roblox game for PS4.

How to Play Roblox on PS4?

Is Roblox on PS4

The unfortunate truth is that it isn’t yet available on your favorite PS4. Yet. But, there are some users who, despite being rare, have used the power of PS4’s internet browser, and are aware of what it is capable of.

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Here are the steps to follow if your goal is to play Roblox for your PS4:

  • Start an internet browser using your PS4.
  • Go to the link –
  • Log in or sign up for an account if not done so yet.
  • The game will prompt you to download the game so that you can play it in your browser.
  • Download Roblox.

You’re done! Now you can enjoy Roblox via your PS4 via your internet browser as well as your double shock controls.

How can you sign up to Roblox to play the game on your PS4?

  • You can sign up for Roblox on the Roblox official Roblox web site.
  • When you create a new account, it is necessary to input your username, name, and date of birth as well as your email address.
  • After you have completed the steps above You can then verify your email address and add your phone number to security.


A few years ago, we had an announcement by Sony that they were developing a port, however, nothing has been realized. Sony isn’t a big fan of cross-play and we don’t see any reason to change their position now. There’s plenty of speculation that it could be being available on PS4 or even coming to PS5 however there is no official announcement from Sony.

Sony did not release Dreams for PS4 There are more reasons to believe that Roblox will not ever be available on PS4. Don’t be discouraged, however. You can always have hope. We’ll all cross the bridge when it’s time.

FAQs – Roblox on PS4

Q. Can you download Roblox on PS4?

Ans. No, it roblox is still not available for PS4

Q. How to get Roblox on PS4?

Ans. Currently, there is no certain way to play Roblox on PS4

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