Virtual Sports – A New and Engaging Concept in the Market

Sports are an integral part of our lives, and sports fans can do anything to watch their favourite team win the match. Sports enthusiasts can never miss a score and update and become a couch potato during the match. People involve themselves in these physical or sports activities to keep them fit and healthy. Not just live matches, people have started playing their favourite games virtually with a group of friends or anonymous people from a community around the world. 

Virtual playing has now become a trend worldwide, be it any game, cricket, football, basketball, online ludo, etc. These games played virtually are also called fantasy game. Cricket is the most popular one amongst all and other than that football, basketball, hockey, and kabaddi are trending too. With the advent of technology, sports apps have taken the gaming experience to another level as it has become convenient for all to play their favourite games sitting at their own place on mobile or computer. 

These fun quiz games online are interesting, and winners get various rewards. These sports apps are free for the user, and they can claim the rewards by winning the games in different forms. A mobile number is required to download the link from which app is downloaded by simply selecting the link. The first time the user needs to register by filling up the details, and once it is installed, the user can log in anytime. Users must download from the official website, which has Antivirus and is 100% safe and secure. 

Along with playing, one can stream live matches too with the live match app. These apps provide a list of the completed matches and upcoming matches. Live match score, ranking, player stats, and scoreboard are displayed on the app. Anyone can play the online match by selecting from the upcoming match list. These apps and online quiz games provide practice and cash contests. 

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New users can take the practice contest to have an idea about the game and test their knowledge. Those who know the rules and regulations and are aware of point calculation can earn real cash prizes by playing fantasy cricket or hockey leagues. These cash contests can be big or small depending on the league, and it is the users wish to participate in any of the game. 

These fantasy games can be played privately in which the match can be joined with an invite code and can be played with friends and family. Another advantage of this app is that users can create their squad for playing the matches. Once the match is begun no changes can be made in the squad. If a player is injured, the scoring is done on the basis of its performance. 

In the case of live matches in cricket, the cricketers can score points according to the way he performs in squad. The scores are updated after a few minutes. The rank of the player is displayed at the end of the over. Similarly, in fantasy kabaddi, people can create their team online with real players. The team consists of seven players, including raiders, all-rounder, and defenders. The fan following of football across the world is indescribable, and football fever is rising day by day. 

Even in India, schools and sports institutions have huge football grounds to train the students. People who have knowledge about football and love to play it can also utilize their skills and knowledge by playing it virtually. A squad of 11 players is made with Captain and a Star player. As soon as the fantasy match starts the team starts earning points and the final points, rankings and winners are disclosed at the end.

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Fantasy baseball is another sport loved by all involving no physical struggle. This fantasy baseball is safe and secure. Also, users can play in a free or paid app. The app would transfer the amount safely into the account of the user. For all the basketball lovers, fantasy basketball is a fantastic platform to show your knowledge about the game several leagues available within the app. Interested ones can select the appropriate time slot to play the league and can start earning. 

Similar to other fantasy sports a squad of 8 players is created with a Captain and a Star Player. In the end, final scores, points, and ranks are displayed. Not just fantasy sports these applications have other fun games online, including sports quiz which can be played anywhere anytime. The rules are simple and easy. The faster one can answer, the more points will be scored. For every second saved, one point is added to the scores, and this is the best way to earn by playing matches and referring to friends. Today many people are playing this quiz in their free time for entertainment purposes and for earning. 

Daily, weekly and monthly tournaments are available for the users to use their knowledge and expertise while playing the quiz. This quiz can be played with multiplayer from other countries too and enjoy competing with others. There are numerous benefits of playing virtually, and the first and foremost benefit is earning by referring. Money earned could be withdrawn instantly by linking with Paytm. 

Winning weekly tasks is another source by which users can get Rs.100 every week. These apps have offers and schemes of cashback and extra prizes for special leagues. These fantasy apps are legal and take actions against the ones who don’t abide by the rules. Multiple accounts of one user are restricted and misusing the referral links to win the cash bonus is strictly prohibited. 

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It is one of the safest ways of following your passion by playing leagues and online quiz games while sitting in your comfort zone without physical movement. It has zero investment and rewards or bonuses earned are genuine and are added into the account instantly. The amount can be withdrawn at any moment. The transactions can be made from credit/debit cards, Paytm, Net Banking, etc. Pick your favourite fantasy game and enjoy it.  

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