Top Questing Locations for Farming WoW Classic Gold in Shadowlands

The 9.1 patch update for Shadowlands in World of Warcraft is finally here and there’s a lot of new stuff to cover.

The first major update of Shadowlands is finally here and WoW players are hyped to get new content. A couple of new things will be making their debut in Patch 9.1 such as new dungeons, raids, and zones to explore. The usual things that players can expect with patch updates are also here. There’s a plethora of changes and tweaks done to the items, professions, classes, and even the arenas.

The Shadowlands expansion in World of Warcraft has been in its launch phase for many months now and things were getting pretty stale, to say the least. Most of the players are done with all of the quests and have procured a lot of WoW Classic gold from those already. With the 9.1 patches, players are hopeful that under Blizzard’s team under work-from-home protocols, this will be the first piece of content that changes up the rhythm a bit.

Introducing Korthia, the City of Secrets

True to the lore in World of Warcraft, the Jailer has managed to find a long-lost domain within the Shadowlands – Korthia, the City of Secrets. Hidden between the byways of the Maw, the new zone is the perfect place for players to team up with the covenants this time under a unified banner where they must fight against the endless forces of the Jailer. It’s worth noting that Korthia is the next frontier of the Maw as well. Players can expect quests that are offered by daily visitors from the covenants and there are two new reputations to earn for.

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These reputations are for the visitor’s associated covenant and the Death’s Advance faction. The quests are a great way to earn tons of WoW Classic gold, WoW Classic bags, and even new gear. This can also be done by recovering relic fragments that are scattered across Korthia. Players must return these precious items to Archivist Roh-Suir if they want to boost their reputation within The Archivist’s Codex faction.

There will also be a new currency that will be rewarded to the players for these types of quests called Catalogued Research. Players can earn this currency and redeem them through a variety of rewards such as getting flying mounts, equipment upgrades, and cosmetic items such as a brand-new cloak.

Top Questing Locations for Farming WoW Classic Gold in Shadowlands

Tazavesh, the Veiled Market Makes its Grand Entrance

Most of the players are hyped for the 9.1 patch update mostly because of the mega-dungeons. Tazavesh, the Veiled Market is a new eight-boss Mythic difficulty dungeon where players can have the chance to form a party and discover all sorts of exotic wares and the strange creatures that lurk in the area.

A new dungeon means new stuff to get, so players can expect that there will be lots of loot like mounts, weaponry, and even pets that will be available in Tazavesh. Not everyone can easily enter the mega-dungeon, though, as players will need a couple of requirements. To be able to enter Tazavesh, the Veiled Market, one must first complete a couple of quests from the Innkeeper, Host Ta’rela, who is located in the Idyllia section of Oribos.

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That’s all there is to it. After that, players can trudge on into the “bazaar of the mysterious brokers” where they’ll face off against pirate dragons, assassins, and other deadly creatures. 

The Sanctum of Domination

Of course, we can’t forget about the new raid! The Sanctum of Domination is where players will be meeting new characters and clash once more with returning foes. As the Jailer was bound for eons within the Maw, his armies are finally ready to enter the final stages of his grand design.

With this in mind, Bolvar prepares the last of his remaining allies to confront Jailer in his domain and charge into the heart of Torghast. Some of the bosses that will be featured in the Sanctum of Domination are Kel’Thuzad, Garrosh Hellscream, and Ner’zhul. The task of the players is to breach the Sanctum of Domination and slay the loyal servants of Sylvanas.

As for the drops, players will be able to have a 50% bonus increased chance of getting Soul Ashes. Soul Ashes are what’s used to craft Legendary weapons, making them highly important to players if they want to get some new gear for themselves. They can use this chance to build up a reserve of Soul Ashes to have an easier time in creating Legendary weapons down the line should they feel the need to tweak their build or overhaul their entire gear.


The 9.1 update is the perfect time-sinker after many months of Shadowlands being stale. There’s a new storyline that players will have to work their way through if they want to learn all of the lore and secrets that the update holds. Plus, the quests that they can do in Korthia will no doubt keep them busy as they’ll for sure need a lot of WoW Classic gold, WoW Classic bags, and all sorts of gear to survive the Sanctum of Domination raid – should they choose to participate in it, of course. What do you think of the 9.1 updates for Shadowlands? Let us know down below.

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