How Technologies Will Improve the Resident’s Experience on Your Senior Care

All throughout history, technology has proven that it can take care of the most immediate challenges man is facing. This rings true for any industry — as long as innovation is effectively implemented in it, it’s bound to ascend to greater heights and take the next evolutionary step forward. There is no question that the same can be said for senior care. 

In fact, even as we write this, numerous tech-driven solutions are already being applied to equally many assisted living setups. Some adopt a more generalized strategy, implementing different kinds and forms of technologies to address specific needs inherent in senior care homes. Others opt for a more specific, highly targeted approach. And you need not look further than how standard assisted living software is designed to know how this is implemented. 

But all in all, these strategies are rooted in one thing: technology. We shall be discussing its helpful impacts on resident experience in most assisted living facilities. 

Highlighting Each Technology Based on Its Direct Benefits to Vital Areas of Assisted Living

  1. Digital signages open up opportunities for information relay and transparency and even entertainment

Residents want to be able to feel a sense of security and trust by always being in the know regarding any notable event that might be happening inside the assisted living facility. And if there’s a technology that can safely claim that it can assure this, it’s digital signage. It’s built for this exact purpose. 

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Nonetheless, we say digital signages can also be creatively applied for entertainment purposes because of their ubiquitousness and versatility. Screens used for them can be set up anywhere, which, in turn, can promptly display something entertaining to all the care home’s residents, staff included. You can, for instance, use them to host trivia games to keep everyone’s minds sharp. 

  1. Assisted living software keeps track of and improves residents’ level of care.

One of the main features of assisted living software, after all, is that it provides plenty of useful digital tools for caregivers to render the best type of service possible to the elderly under their supervision. 

For instance, most come with real-time trackers of vital signs that can be recorded over time. Many feature remote capabilities as well, allowing doctors to immediately know the patient’s current status and progress. Another nifty bonus is that some have advanced to the point that they can perform automated assessments of patients, and in the process, suggest or aid attending healthcare staff in coming up with the best course of treatment. 

  1. Gadgets such as tablets ensure residents will always be able to stay connected with loved ones — and have plenty of fun in the process. 

Assuming the senior care facility takes the initiative to teach non-techy seniors about how to use tablets to contact their loved ones, this is obviously one sure way for the elderly to beat loneliness while being away from them. Plenty of apps can be used to not only stay in touch via text but video calls, too. 

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Obviously, gaming apps shouldn’t be left out of the equation as there are a plethora of options that are very much senior-friendly. Puzzles, quizzes, and other brain games are but some of the most ideal. Music apps can also be used liberally. Even hobby-oriented apps can be suggested, especially if one particular resident likes to garden or make pottery. And we also can’t forget about fitness apps, which can be

As you can see, the sky is pretty much the limit in this regard.

  1. Security and safety are reinforced by emergency notification and response systems, activity sensors, etc. 

We also can’t deny that a lot of tools have already been specifically designed to solve a lot of the inherent problems of assisted living facilities. More often than not, assisted living software also comes with an emergency notification system that immediately alerts caregivers about untoward happenings in the facility. This way, residents who need emergency attention can receive it with relative quickness and ease.  

Falls also have a high rate of occurrence in many senior care homes and one good way to remedy this problem is through the use of activity sensors that are often installed in various rooms that the residents frequent. These sensors not only provide invaluable insight about current state of health but analytics as well. In turn, these only pave the way to better response rates. 

  1. Wearables further open up routes to better facility-wide fitness and fall and hospitalization risk reduction

FitBit can be utilized to encourage residents to stay active and keep track of their physical activity levels. Certain wearables also allow real-time tracking of vitals and even blood pressure and blood sugar for residents who happen to be suffering from chronic diseases. Certain types can be personalized further to increase predictive care, which can potentially have life-saving benefits. 

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With more tracking gadgets and other solutions in place, residents enjoy fewer incidences of dangerous falls. Furthermore, since caregivers and healthcare providers are always in the know of the resident’s status, they will be able to render very timely, effective treatment every time, leading to a decreased need for unnecessary hospitalization. 


As an owner or administrator of a senior care home, it’s only right to never stop in looking for ways for your residents to truly feel at home and, more importantly, enjoy their stay and feel happy and fulfilled. And in most cases, it’s all about staying a step ahead of the said needs and being continually responsive to them. You will only be rewarded, in turn, by the undoubtedly tremendous positive feedback your facility will receive as a direct result of your efforts. 

The technologies mentioned above have already proven their worth as evidenced by the senior care facilities and homes that can attest to their efficiency. It’s safe to say that they are the way forward for many assisted living communities of the future, considering the game-changing benefits that they have already imparted and continue to share.

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