How to Earn PKT Cash Crypto?

With the most significant financial revolution of the decade being cryptocurrencies, with the likes of Bitcoin and Ethereum taking the world by surprise, it is only a matter of time before other popular currencies emerge as well. While there are currently numerous coins emerging thanks to the uniqueness of blockchain technology, there is a lot of hope for savvy investors. 

In the following sections, you will learn about the PKT cash crypto and how to earn from it. If you are also not aware of what cryptocurrencies are, you will find a detailed explanation of what the term is all about and how it can be profitable even for a newbie investor.

What is Cryptocurrency?

In simple terms, cryptocurrency is a digital type asset with cryptography security embedded in it. With the security measure, it is impossible to counterfeit it like fiat currency. The technology powering such value assets is based on the decentralized network powered by blockchain technology. The blockchain operates as a distributed ledger monitored by different networks of computers.

What makes the crypto stand out is that there is no formal control, such as a central bank or monitoring house that takes records of all transactions made. This makes it entirely free from any form of external manipulation, such as the government. Whether or not they will affect the financial and legal industry negatively, one thing is sure, it does allow for secure online transactions, unlike other forms of currency. This link has more on cryptocurrency if you need additional information. 

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What is PKT Cash Crypto?

Now that you understand what a cryptocurrency is, the PKT cash crypto operates on the blockchain technology that powers all cryptos. The long and short of the PKT cash is that it gives the user the power to become an independent internet service provider. With the help of this technology, anyone can allocate bandwidth, thereby contributing to the global internet network for many users.

The PKT cash crypto is the first of its kind and operates on the PacketCrypt, which is how miners show their proof of work (PoW). With the help of the PacketCrypt, both users of low powerful CPUs and the more complex GPUs can be able to mine cryptocurrency for the general populace.

How to Mine PKT Cash Crypto?


One thing that makes the mining of PKT cashless cumbersome than many other cryptocurrencies is that it does not require complex computers that give off heat and require massive storage units. This is due to the fact that the process operates on the bandwidth and the many independent computers connected together in the network. 

A simple way of putting it is that you are simply mining your internet bandwidth for the network, which doesn’t require much work, unlike other currencies. And with the ultimate control assigned to the user, you can work independently without considering the efforts of others in the network.

There are two main methods of mining PKT cash crypto: the announcement and block mining, which must take place simultaneously for miners to be rewarded.

Announcement Mining

This process is the first step and is usually done casually by bandwidth users who send small messages as little as 1kb to the network. These small messages are picked up by the block miners in the second stage of the process. With this effort by the announcers, the resulting gains are used up by the block miners, who later reward the announcers’ efforts when the cycle is complete. Announcers will have to show proof of work before getting rewarded in PKT for their efforts.

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Block Mining

This is the second stage of the process and is reserved for the savvier miner with better computing skills and equipment able to validate the chain and get payouts for everyone who contributed to the process. The responsibility of the block miner is to collect the messages from the announcers, who are compensated for the amount of work they perform in the chain. 

They get discounts based on the difficulty of work performed based on the number of new announcements collected. The continuous receipt of announcements and validation of the process keeps the chain running and ensures everyone gets rewarded.

How to Earn PKT Cash Crypto

You may be wondering by now how to earn PKT cash rewards from contributing to the blockchain. To keep it simple and less confusing, payment is made only when block miners receive the messages from the announcement miners and then add them in blocks to the network. This enables them to maximize their bandwidths resulting in payouts for everyone who contributed.

But before payouts, each announcement will have to be validated to ensure that everything checks out according to the requirements of the system. Once done, the PacketCrypt is created, which is the proof of work (PoW) before individuals get rewarded for their efforts.

Why you Should Invest in PKT Cash Crypto

The good part is that you don’t have to make any financial contributions before you get on board—all you will need to invest is your bandwidth and CPU. And for the announcement stage, you don’t have to spend on specialized processors. 

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So anyone with a computer and internet connection can begin the first stage. It is the block mining stage that may require a little investment. Still, this is little since all you will be doing is upgrading to a large processor, which you will be rewarded for.

No Central Authority

You don’t need any registrations, approval, or have to look over your shoulders when mining in the PKT cash blockchain. And since the network is decentralized, the value is determined by the power of demand and supply of its users.

Low Fees and Risk

You can rest assured that you are not breaking any laws when you mine cryptos. And for PKT cash, you don’t pay hefty fees for processing and transacting in the chain. This makes it an excellent profitable venture for anyone looking to put their bandwidth to good use.

Good Investment Overall

It is usual for you to have more bandwidth at the end of the month. And while your ISP charges you a fixed amount for this, all that is left is useless once the term of your subscription expires. So instead of paying the same monthly fee for bandwidth, with PKT cash, you get rewarded for the excess, not in use.

Final Note

There are many people already taking advantage of the PKT cash crypto to get rewarded for the excess bandwidth from their ISPs. And you, too, can take advantage of this new blockchain technology to make passive income without doing too much.

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