How to Organize an Efficient Online Training Program

The coronavirus has unwittingly pushed learning towards development. Organizations and institutions are forced to switch to distance learning (online learning), that is, to master new technologies and interaction format. But in many, these sudden changes cause not positive feelings, but doubts and fear: how to organize everything, whether the training will remain complete.

We share easy tips for how online training can be made effective and efficient:

1. Take online learning seriously and positively

A negative attitude will distract you from the main thing – now you have to master a lot of new things. If you make the transition to online learning seriously, it shouldn’t be a problem. This format has all the possibilities for sane learning. For example, live lessons, lectures, seminars will replace webinars.

A webinar is not just a video call. Pupils speak not when they want, but when the teacher has connected them. During the webinar, you can give polls and tasks, show presentations, you will also have an interactive whiteboard.

The bonus of switching to a new mode: you will learn in advance what will be in demand in the future.

2. Find an online learning platform

Companies with employee training gradually switched to online training before the quarantine. Special platforms help to organize it, they can also be used to organize school and university education.

Here is the required minimum of functions that such a platform should have: the ability to conduct webinars, upload various files to the system, a calendar, a course and test constructor, and statistics calculation.

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It is also important that the platform is located in the cloud, then it will be possible to get into the system with all the data not only from one single computer on which the program is installed.

3. Make sure everyone is prepared for online learning

This is on the technical side: if not all employees/trainers have a computer, you need to make sure that the learning platform is loaded on the phone. Salesforce training in Bangalore is one the prime example which ensures all point to make training efficient. And there is also a practical side: it is important to teach all participants in the process to work on this very platform.

If it’s intuitive and equipped with instructions for starting the training, mastering will happen as if by itself. If not, you will need to involve someone who understands computer things to help.

4. Adapt the training material online

The online format makes it possible to create more digestible, especially for the new generation, educational materials: audio and video lectures, presentations.

All materials can then be put together to create an online course. Test assignments can also be different, more interactive (and at the same time simple to test): ask the participants to record a video answer instead of a written one, make a test.

5. Create a clear schedule

One of the reasons for posting training on an online platform is that there should be a calendar where it is convenient to enter the schedule. It will be publicly available 24/7. If you reschedule the lesson or change anything else, the schedule will immediately update for all participants.

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