5 Best Things to Know to Boost your Business on Youtube


So you have just recently opened a new business and you’re looking for a platform to market your product from.

The most rational place to market it is the likes of Facebook, Twitter, and the ever-growing Instagram.

But Youtube… YouTube seems like a weird place for businesses. You’re not a YouTuber, what am I supposed to advertise on YouTube, and how?

In this article, we’ll delve deep into why you should use YouTube for your business and 5 little known tricks to boost your business

Why Use YouTube?

If you think YouTube is a website, guess again! It’s a search engine!

Well, of course, it technically is a website but YouTube is actually the 2nd largest search engine on the internet.

Reading the statistics, it’s a no-brainer now that almost every business now uses YouTube.

It’s also good to note that every company now has to be a media company to stay relevant. Even many businesses such as the newspaper business have made their way to YouTube such as the Washington Post.

With Google also owning YouTube, the widespread reach you could get is endless.

Well, if you have the money, knock yourself out with endless promotions! But if you don’t like most of us, You’ll have to keep making content.

Here are the 5 little known tips to boost your business:

  1. Make A Marketing Calendar
  2. Offer Value By Making Various Types Of Video
  3. Don’t Oversell Your Product
  4. Tune Up Your Channel
  5. Add As Many Conversion Elements As Possible
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Let’s break them down one by one!


Make A Marketing Calendar

Never go inside a battlefield, guns blazing! You’re not going to make it!

That’s why having a plan is absolutely crucial! This goes for everything in life, including YouTube.

If you’re a company, it’s always best to have your own marketing calendar. It’s used to plan out when to create and upload your various content.

Most people miss this because they feel that they have to upload immediately after editing to get the most amount of views. Well, that could work If you’re lucky!

But if you’re like many of us, you have to plan when each video will release for maximum results.

Offer Value By Making Various Types Of Video

In this day and age, if you just open up a website and expect people to buy it. You’re still in the stone age!

Nowadays, the best way to get viewers/potential customers is by offering completely FREE VALUE!

How do you give value? Simple, make content about your field.

The best example of a business doing this is StudioBinder. It’s an online film management software that lets you write screenplays and manage production on the go.

Now, StudioBinder could’ve just opened its website and marketed it like there’s no tomorrow, it would work but it wouldn’t be as effective as the way StudioBinder is doing right now: Giving out free content. By free content I mean, filmmaking tutorials, screenwriting tips, etc.

It gives free rich content without asking in return!

Two questions: Why give it for free? How do I make money out of it?

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First, you have to give it for free because, in this day and age, you have to give more than you take in order to build trust from your customer.

Second, it’s YouTube, if that tutorial video has lots of views (which it will), you’ll get a decent amount of money from monetization.

Don’t Oversell Your Product

Just like the previous tip, You have to GIVE more than you take!

Unfortunately, most starting businesses don’t understand this so they just give out loads of advertisements. Filling their whole channel filled with advertisements talking about how good the product is, etc.

That’s not going to work. That’s going to make your viewers flee as fast as they can.

Don’t oversell it! Don’t spam it!

Tune Up Your Channel

Please, don’t make it look boring.

Use a professional design for your logo, thumbnail, and banner to build up a large brand image on YouTube.

Don’t make it feel corporate, make it feel user friendly. No matter how good your content is if your page looks boring and the description sounds clunky. Goodbye viewers, they’re not going to see that.

Try using websites such as Canva if you don’t have decent graphic design skills. It’ll help you a lot on designing your page!

Add As Many Conversion Elements

From conversion elements, I mean these things:

  • Annotation That Links To Your Website: You don’t want to just have really good content or else nobody will know you’re a business. Show that you’re a business, put a link in the description and tell your viewers about it!
  • Annotation That Links To A Product: If you want your viewers to immediately do something, tell them in the video that you have the link to the product down in the descriptions. Don’t make people look for them.
  • Write More Or Less 250 Characters For Affiliate Product Descriptions.
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Youtube is a perfect way to promote your company but do it the wrong way, it could also break your company’s image.

Remember to give more value than you take!

If you’ve got no free value upfront, not a single viewer will trust you have valuable content behind that paywall.

Give first, take later!

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