5 Hacks to Speed Up the Internet

In some cases, slow internet pushes us to go outside and observe the color of the sky while in other cases, it just mocks us being dependent on the internet. Although, most of the time, it kills our productivity. If you are stuck with slow internet often, you should take a speed test to determine if the internet speed you are receiving from the internet service provider is the same as the one you pay for.  If not, discuss it with your internet service provider. If it comes out as ISP’s fault, get it resolved. In case of trouble, switch to a better provider, and to kick start that process, we recommend you check out Spectrum bundles.

There are a lot of different ways to ensure a fast internet connection including but not limited to general fixes like hardware tricks, software tweaks, utilization of security suite, etc. In this article, we have summed up the best hacks that you can use to speed up your internet connection, almost instantly.


Troubleshoot and check if the problem stems from your hardware. If you experience slow internet on only one of the devices connected to the same network, it is then the issue of the device. Old equipment can be a major cause of slow internet connection and thus you should replace it with an updated device.

The problem can also be caused by your router or modem. For instance, an old router may not be coping with the latest Wi-Fi standards resulting in some loss of speed. It is also possible that your router or/and modem got exhausted being connected with multiple devices and thus all you need to do is reset it.

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Another trick can be to centrally position the router so that all rooms of the house get the right speed. You might want to place it on the floor you most often hang out around and on a slightly higher surface like a bookshelf. Moreover, the antennas should be pointed out at proper angles to ensure smooth transmission of the internet.


Once you have checked your hardware and it seems to be working in order, you need to examine the applications and programs. For instance, a file being downloaded from BitTorrent using a simple web browser would be slower in comparison. You should invest in installing plugins and extensions such as Flashblock or Adblock Plus. These plugins would block heavy data usage of animations, ads, and videos that can hog your speeds.

There are applications running in the background hogging your connection as well. You can understand it better by the example of file-syncing services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive moving your data and consuming your bandwidth without your realization. You can either stop or pause such applications if and when you need.

You can also clean your computer space so that unnecessary applications can be stopped from using your bandwidth. You have to follow these simple steps:

First step – Press CTRL+DEL+ALT together and click on Task Manager from the menu on the screen

Second step – Shut down all the unnecessary applications

Third step – Shut down all the unnecessary programs from the Activity log

The operating system also starts updating in the background while you are using the computer and so you can go to settings and schedule updates according to your ease. If you have any unnecessary tabs opened on the browser, it can slow down your connection as well. Clearing out cache and cookies is also a good way to potentially increase internet speed. You can also install a plugin that automatically clears excessive cache and cookies.

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Imagine being called by your boss who wants you to send in an important report immediately while you are commuting and your slow internet is set to ensure that you lose this well-deserved promotion – what should you do? Ask for a hotspot from fellow passengers? Well, that can be a smart plan B. But plan A remains you figuring it out in the next minute and you can, by the way! You can just optimize your web according to a slow connection. Instead of using heavy versions of applications and websites, use HTML or mobile versions, you can also use Opera Turbo, and disable images.

To always be ready to combat, we recommend you have a secondary browser in your device so such situations can be handled tastefully. Google also has a Data Saver Extension that compresses the data being an aid in such times.


Multiple devices sharing the same network can extract the marginal amounts of internet connection and result in loss of speed. Sometimes, you might believe that your device is being idle but understand that if your device is plugged in, it is consuming some amount of internet speed. Moreover, almost all devices are integrated to automatically download and install available updates. This includes the system as well as application updates.

If you own a lot of smart devices, then the situation gets even worse with all the devices hogging on the bandwidth without you knowing, as they are turned on almost all day long. To take the situation under control, you can turn off the Wi-Fi on some devices and take a speed test to check if the download speeds increase.

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The wireless network is the latest form and very convenient as well. It appeals to the masses and has become a popular choice. With all its benefits, it has a shortcoming as well and that is the slightly slower speed. However, the wired connection has a better scope of speed transmission and you should consider plugging in the Ethernet cable in your device, if possible. It will not only help you experience faster speeds but also would save bandwidth for other devices.

You can also connect the Ethernet cable to your router or modem. In addition to this, Ethernet is also more secure than a wireless connection and it is always advisable to use a wired connection when you cannot afford a single connectivity loss.


All these hacks are quick and easy to speed up the internet. Whatever hack you decide to work with, it is important to always remember the speed is a complex matter and different equipment might be receptive to a different method.

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