8 Benefits of Document Storage Services: You Online Security Guard

Business isn’t always about glorious revenues, happy teams and a big clientele. The other side of running a business has a ton of paperwork, legalities and securing the sensitive documents from the prying eyes of hackers. Whether you’re an ardent digital company or have traditional register keeping and offline files, you sure need a reliable and secure method of document storage services.

Let’s understand what is this new age- Document Management System?

As the name suggests, the Document Management System (DMS) is securing your important files and documents with the help of technology. One can control access, track and store the documents.

Wondering why would you require such a service if you have a trust-worthy resource taking care of your paperwork?

A qualified Document Management Software will always add efficiency, reduce human error and provide 100% secure platform for your sensitive documents. You can track who accessed it and when. There are highly sophisticated layers of encryption which protects your company from any fraud. But the benefits are not just limited to this, you will sign up for the following advantages too:

  1. Storage Limit

Store as many documents as you want according to your plan subscription. Since the documents are saved on cloud storage, there is no limit on the storage size. It is based on the plan you choose for your business. It is usually an affordable value for the peace of mind it provides.

  1. Document Type

The type of file, i.e., the extension of file can be Word, Excel, Sheet, pdf, etc. Based on your plan as provided by the Document Storage Company in India, you can keep the most sensitive part of your business away from the physical reach.

  1. Secure Access
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Like it’s said that your documents are secure on DMS but how does it work? Consider it as a usual account on any online platform. You get a login account name and password to access your documents. You can individually keep files as password-protected based on the sensitive information.

  1. Search Feature

Search feature to avoid wastage of time during an urgent time. Digitally secured documents saved with names which can then be searched whenever required within the pile of other files. Imagine, doing the same if you have your paperwork contained within papers and secured by plastic files in the office. It severely reduces the time required to reach the required file with an intelligent UI/UX of the software.

  1. Login & Audit Trails

Monitoring, visiting and auditing trails are created within the document which can be viewed by the owner or the primary account holder. In case, there is any tampering or edit made by someone in the organization, you can trace them back. Which is why this is one of the most secured methods of keeping your confidential information safe.

  1. Choose what to keep

Archiving and deleting facilities are provided to the users. If you feel that some documents are not required to be known to anyone then you have the full access to delete or archive them. We keep no trace of your information. The files are highly classified as sensitive documents and your actions are final.

  1. Disaster Management

Unlike your offline documents, there is no way to lose your files via DMS. In case your system crashes or you experience an unfortunate accident, you can always retrieve files via the software since it saves the files on cloud storage and not on an internal server.

  1. No Location Restrictions
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Mobile access is given to the user for anywhere and anytime use. Businesspersons aren’t necessarily in the vicinity of their offices where the documents are stored. Hence, if you’re in requirement of essential information which can potentially change the fate of your business, then you need it right on your mobile. Hence, DMS allows you hacking-proof service on your mobile devices.

  1. Types of Document Management System

Based on your requirement, you can always choose from the option of expertise and security you require. To name some, we have the following DMS:

  • Cloud-based DMS
  • On-premise DMS

While there’s no doubt, cloud-based DMS is the highly secured and recommended service but for some companies, saving the information on their server is the best option to choose from. Based on your requirement, any of the two electronic document management systems can be used.

What are your thoughts?

We know it is exciting to finally digitize the most cumbersome but highly important tasking of a business. At first, you might have a second thought before trusting a software with your sensitive information. But certainly, after giving it a try, every business has felt much relaxed and secured than ever before. To truly understand the technology and what the features we have to offer you are, you need to reach out to us, right away.

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