5 Digital Marketing Technologies for Website Promotion

It’s no secret that knowledge and use of advanced marketing technologies allow you to significantly promote your business on the Internet. Well, after marketing, you can afford to relax and visit Avalon 78, the best digital entertainment.

So, our top ten technologies that marketers should use in 2023.

Artificial Intelligence

The use of artificial intelligence in marketing has become the most promising technology of 2017. And if a couple of years ago this technology was still being created and tested, then in 2023 it will be able to manifest itself in all its might. AI is a field of software technologies aimed at creating human-like thinking machines. It allows you to create programs that people think use speech recognition technology, learning ability, using planning, and problem-solving skills in work. 

According to Demis Hassabis, head of Google DeepMind, AI is “the science that makes machines smart.”

What does the use of this technology in digital marketing mean? Many experts predict that marketers who have started using AI will be able to subdue the markets and become truly great because shortly, it will simply become economically unprofitable to use marketing without using artificial intelligence. And the intellectual revolution started by HubSpot will finally reach its point of no return.

Using AI right now can give you results at all four stages of sales.

Content Marketing

Contextual marketing is the creation of content based on the needs and interests of end consumers to ensure brand awareness and expand the target audience. It is a good help to direct advertising and uses modern communication technologies for its distribution. The final goal of using content marketing is to  create a flow of potential consumers.

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Content marketing gives marketers the following advantages:

  • Cost-effectiveness – there is no longer a need for large investments in direct advertising. You just need to make a content marketing plan and start generating and publishing content.
  • Target traffic. Using narrow topics of published materials, you can get targeted traffic that is interesting to you and subsequently use it for narrowly targeted targeting.
  • Improved perception. When content marketing is narrowly personalized, the unobtrusive advertising message embedded in the published content is well perceived by target consumers, unlike direct and intrusive advertising that causes rejection. 
  • Expanding brand reach. Using comment marketing, you can expand brand awareness using consumer interest in the topic.
  • Proper communication with the consumer. With a thoughtful approach, your content does not look like advertising. It acts as a solution to the consumer’s problem, so the credit of trust in it is many times greater than in direct advertising.
  • Increase in sales. Getting targeted traffic and increased relevance of content marketing at the exit give a high conversion in sales.


CPA is the cost of obtaining the desired result in the form of an application, purchase, subscription, etc. In the last few years, this is a payment model in which the advertiser pays the work of an advertising agent for achieving the final result. This payment approach has become a fashionable trend in attracting marketers. After all, ultimately they do not need clicks, views, and likes, but real actions such as orders, and sales that lead to profit.


To establish communication with consumers located near the business location, it has recently become possible to use geo-targeted advertising. This type of advertising allows you to reach people who are physically close to an office or store. For example, passing next to them on the street.

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Marketers can optimize their advertising campaigns using geotargeting:

Creating targeted advertising campaigns. Knowledge of local features such as weather, geography, and demographics will help in more accurate targeting of advertising. For example, you can show ads to women with young children who constantly go to the shopping center located at the specified address. 

Uniting local consumers into communities – to improve marketing programs. It is possible to create local consumer communities to provide them with unique marketing offers, such as discounts, sales, and new collections.

Proximity of Keywords

Recently, Google has begun to evaluate the proximity and relationship of keywords of the same topic within the data array. You will achieve a higher ranking of your content by Google if you place your keywords close to each other in a natural way.

Other important factors that Google monitors:

  • Keyword density is the percentage of keywords that can be found in the indexed text on a web page.
  • Keyword frequency is the number of times a particular keyword occurs on a website.
  • The importance of a keyword is how important your keywords are on your web page; how close they are to the top of the page, phrase, or paragraph. Whether they are used in the header, H-tags, or meta description.

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