How Can Visual Content Boost Your SEO?

Posting a photo or an IGTV video on Instagram is interesting, isn’t it? Now imagine that there is no option for posting photos. All you can do is write a description of the activity and post the text. Is it the same anymore? Is it still engaging? Well, I would say no! No really!

It’s because our brain is hardwired to absorb mostly visual contents. Humans are found to process visual content 60,000 times faster than text content. Therefore, it is not surprising that visual content allows people to absorb and retain the information better than normal text. 

Let us now understand how it helps us boost our SEO.

Using Visual Content in SEO

Creating supportive visual content like videos, images, and infographics, will help you rank higher in Google. Most people prefer Scape Google Pages with WMS to check their ranks. Visual content offers plenty of value for your website. It can boost critical statistics like time on page. 

Visuals guide the readers through your content more smoothly. Visuals make your content more consumable and increase sharing. Google loves images that are optimized for search. Adding optimized images can boost your search visits from your audience. 

You’ll see many samples of how companies are successfully incorporating visual content into their marketing and websites. It’s no secret that visual content is hot immediately. 

Content formats like videos, images, GIFs, and infographics should be a neighborhood of your content strategy because it will find yourself benefitting your site’s SEO.  

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These are a few things one should keep in mind while using content visually in SEO

Makes the Audience Spend More Time on Your Page

Adding visual content to your web pages can attract more new audiences and increase the duration for which your existing audience stays on your page. No one is interested in reading 1000-2000 words of text content. As we have already seen how the human brain is designed to absorb visual content easily. It is evident that users find websites with more visual content to be user-friendly and engaging.

A person who was just about to leave after reading a hefty 100-150 words in 20 seconds is now going to watch an entire 2-minute video. This increases the average time spent on a website and reduces the bounce rate. This means that the rate at which users visit the site and leave without seeing the other pages. This, in turn, improves your chances of generating a first-page Google ranking.

Attracts More High-Quality Backlinks

To rank better on search engines like google, you need high-quality backlinks from websites with high domain authority. The best part is, visual content can help you with that. This is most applicable to videos and infographics. It is found that blogs containing videos attract 300% more backlinks compared to those that don’t. 

Also, infographics increase website-traffic by 12%. Infographics are a brilliant way to present statistical data and provide us a huge edge over text content. 

The main reason for this is the incredible share-ability of visual content and the fact that it is much more compelling to users than text content. Hence, you gain more high-quality backlinks to tell search engines that your website is valuable, trustworthy, and useful.

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Ways to Boost Your SEO

There are many more ways in which visual content can boost your SEO. It helps the website rank higher in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP), making your website more visible and accessible to the audience and further boosting your SEO.

Then comes the most important step, i.e., SERP checking. You need to know where you stand against your competitors. And for this specific purpose, we have SERP Checker tools like the Tool to scrape Google pages. These tools help you check your websites’ position on google. This is important because the higher a company’s website ranks, the higher its visibility, and more searchers will click on the website, increasing website traffic.

Suppose your website is not up to the mark; no need to worry and get frustrated. Add more relevant keywords to your pages and improve your visual content. Remember, life is full of successes and failures, but failures lead to the greatest successes. Keep trying and improving your site and once you feel that the task is done, check your website position on WhatsmySERP, and you will know where you stand.

Must-dos for Visual Content

Below are a few ways by which you’ll be proceeding when it involves images:

  • Check with the size of the image
  • If larger in size, compress them the way you want
  • Always prefer the right format of files. Go for PNG files which are fewer than 16 colors and JPEGs. 

To Sum Up

Visual Content can highly influence how the content interacts with the target audience and the Google ranking for your website. With these easy and beneficial tips, you can distinguish how SEO can be improved with the help of visual marketing. 

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Since you are investing your expensive and extensive efforts creating attractive and informative pictures, you would definitely want to get the best out of it!

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