Things to Know About Popular Marketing Channels

Effective and flexible marketing can make a huge difference in the success of a business, whether it is a small family-owned company or a large corporation. Knowing which channels to use can be critical to reaching the right customer base and building an audience. How much do you know about the different marketing channels? Are you connecting with as wide an audience as possible? Here are four popular channels you can use when marketing your business.


Performance marketing leaders like Eyal Gutentag know that every business that wants to take its marketing seriously should have a functional website. This is one of the best channels to inform customers about where you are located, what products and services you offer, your prices, your biography and more. Your website should be representative of your brand as a whole and be helpful to customers who want to purchase from you. Consider including a chatbot that can answer questions from website visitors.


Email is one of the easiest ways to connect with and build upon your existing customer base. Give visitors to your website the option to sign up for your newsletter. A great way to encourage this is to offer a “freebie” attached to signing up, such as an informative PDF. Make sure that your newsletter is sent regularly and contains content that is relevant to your customers. Sending a newsletter allows you to share more in-depth content than you would on social media and gives consumers more information about your business. This is also a good channel to use when you want to spread the word about deals or sales on your products.

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Videos are a great way to engage with your audience in a way that is fun and engaging. Some companies even see their marketing videos go viral. Take time to brainstorm about what makes your company and products unique. Videos don’t need to be high-quality to go viral. All you need is an interesting premise that will “hook” the viewer. If your video becomes popular, it may become widely shared across social media, which will help enlarge your customer base.

Social Media

Social media is a constant in the lives of most consumers. There are many different platforms available and you should make sure you have a presence on at least one or two of these sites. Creating social media posts allows you to customize your content and engage with your audience. It also promotes sharing of posts, which allows your audience to grow. Don’t feel that you need to have an account on every social media website, but do think about the social media platforms that your customer base uses the most and make sure you post a few times per week.

Putting time, money and energy into marketing will pay off for your business in the long run. Make sure your brand is consistent across all channels and you will see your audience grow. Consider implementing one or more of these channels into your marketing strategy.

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