How to Secure your Subdomains With a Cheap SSL

Whether you have just one website or a whole portfolio of them, SSL protection is vital. But knowing the correct type for your website can be a little tricky. If you’ve got one domain and multiple subdomains linked to it, we recommend getting a cheap wildcard SSL. Read on to find out why.

Why is SSL so important, anyway?

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of Wildcards specifically, a little reminder on what an SSL actually is. An SSL is a type of digital certificate that you can install on your server to encrypt the connections of anyone accessing your site through their web browser. Encryption works by scrambling any data sent over the connection, rendering it unreadable. The data can only be read once it reaches the intended recipient. SSL certificates are so important if you care about protecting your users’ data and privacy. Plus, they have become all but mandatory if you want web browsers like Firefox and Chrome to trust your site.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s sing the praises of cheap wildcard SSL certificates.

Why a Wildcard SSL certificate?

If you have multiple subdomains, Wildcards are the perfect choice when it comes to SSL security. This is because they are created specifically for this purpose. When you install it on your server it automatically secures your primary domain and all subdomains of one level linked to it. (For this would look like * This includes both existing subdomains and any you create later. 

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The best part? There are no limits to the number of subdomains you can add. So you can go wild with expanding your web presence. Unlike some other types of certificates, with Wildcards, you don’t need to reissue your SSL when you create more subdomains. Everything linked to your primary subdomain will be automatically covered. 

The other key benefits of a Wildcard SSL are cost and convenience. If you were to secure each subdomain individually, it would get expensive and confusing fast. With multiple expiration dates to keep track of, you run the risk of forgetting when certain subdomains expire, leaving some insecure. When everything is protected under a single SSL, this risk is significantly lowered when you just have to remember one expiration date.


All website owners should know by now that they should get an SSL. What they may not know is the specific type. For subdomain owners, the answer is simple: Wildcard SSL certificates are the way to go.

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