Most Popular Apps Used by Students in 2020

The year 2020 is coming to an end, and we could not be happier about it. This year wasn’t the best for so many reasons that we don’t even want to start. However, one thing has made 2020 much more bearable. This thing is technology. Yes, if not for the advanced technologies this year, we would be in much bigger trouble. Fortunately, they were there for us this whole time. We have found some new favorite apps over this year and showed our usual devotion to the old ones. Let’s see the list of the most popular apps used by students in 2020. This list should not come as a surprise to anyone who has ever met a teenager or young person in their early 20s. However, let’s still look at what students are up to these days. 


TikTok is, probably, the youngest application on our list. However, it is beating all the old-timers here. The Chinese sensation made quite a stir this year. Some countries are trying to ban the app. Some arrest its users for inappropriate behavior. There’s a lot to unravel when it comes to TikTok. However, in its nature, the app is quite simple. It is a perfect tool for young people to communicate with the world and show their talents. Also, recently TikTok has been commonly used for spreading facts and information on social and racial issues. Thus, Native Americans have a large platform, to tell the truth about their history while BLM activists use it to inform the public about racial inequality in the US. 

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Obviously, Zoom didn’t become the most popular app only among students. If we were looking for the word of the year right now, Zoom would be among the top five. There’s no secret in that. The reason why Zoom is so popular among the students is due to the distance learning that most of the students, from school to college, had to experience this year. Now, whenever a student needs to ask a friend, “Can you do my assignment for me?” they can just use Zoom. Despite the causes that made Zoom so successful, we have nothing to complain about. It is a great app for video calls. It’s convenient, fast, and nicely-designed. It deserves its place in the spotlight. 


No wonder this popular messenger has its place on this list. We wouldn’t survive this year without our messengers. WhatsApp is less famous in the US than in the rest of the world. However, this year it is leading among the other most popular apps used by students. Why not. There’s no politics here, just texts. Those who want to have a break from Facebook with all those depressing and troubling news are welcomed to use WhatsApp just for the sake of communicating with all the people we care about. 


Speaking of depressing news, Facebook is once again in the top ten of the most used applications among students and not only. Yes, Facebook has been under a lot of heat lately. In the past five-four years, the company was accused of all kinds of things, from security gaps to hosting unacceptable calls for violence and hate. Of course, Facebook survived all of that. Millions of people are already hooked to using his app every day. This is where we receive our news, share political opinions, find cool events, of course, only offline events for this year. This is also where we watch an unacceptable amount of baby photos whether we want it or not. So whether you want to post updates about your life, share some important news, or post well-written speedy paper reviews, this app is irreplaceable. 

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Nothing can cancel Instagram. By now, it has already become a separate subculture. Of course, some Instagram influencers have been having a rough year since the sponsorship has dropped significantly, and all the traveling has been canceled for who knows how long. TikTok has also been strong competition for the app. However, Instagram will survive any of these obstacles. It has a very serious fan base that is not going to go anywhere. 

Google Classroom

If not 2020, Google Classroom would most likely remain unknown to the majority of people, including students. However, this war was not like any other. This is why Google Classroom is now in the top ten most popular apps among students. Last year it wasn’t even in the top hundred. What remarkable progress for such a simple app! They didn’t even try. Overall, it is easy to see why it got so popular. With the distant learning programs in almost every country, Google Classroom was more than a necessity for students. 

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