Priceless Lessons You Can Learn From Blogging

The Most Important Lessons You Can Learn From Blogging

When I first started blogging, I had to face several ups and downs with my journey. I had to try several things that sometimes worked and sometimes they just failed miserably. From start, the hosting deals were fine as  I was suggested to opt for the Bluehost coupons but it was blogging that was hard. I had to come up with innovative ideas, experiences, and topics that I never tried. Here is what I learned in my journey as a blogger.

This Is A Journey

I always wanted to have a successful blog as soon as I came to know about this. Having a successful blog isn’t something that you can acquire easily. It wasn’t like you just sleep at 9 am one day and the very next day you wake up with a successful blog. You will have to stay persistent and come with innovative ideas to share all the time. You will have to keep experiencing your failure, success than failure, and success. Mind that starting your blog and watching yourself growing up is something that money cannot buy. You will feel more knowledgeable and experienced every day and this is worth it.

Do What You Love

Doing what you love is something that isn’t considered work according to me. Though my job was quite good regarding pay and alike nothing can beat the satisfaction and peace of mind of doing what I like. I have been blogging for 10 months and over that period I am doing it more like a full job, writing content, and promoting it as well but the difference is, I never consider it as a burden. I am doing it with more love and enjoying the results.

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Hard Work Matters

Starting a new blog isn’t always easy. You will need to think again and again about new content ideas and nay look for a discount hosting for better user experience though I got Hostgator discount and it made hosting way convenient than I expected. I had to face criticism but at the same time, I enjoyed positive feedback as well. It may sound easy but it wasn’t easy, but then I experienced my success and that was the moment I began to understand the power of hard work. 

Relationships Are Best

When I first decided to start blogging, I wasn’t serious about the relationship and making friends. It wasn’t like I didn’t want to make any friends but I wasn’t serious about people and making relations. But with blogging, I met thousands of people online, a blogger like me, those who had a different approach to life, people who had different life style and came to know about traditions and this made me realize the value of friends and networking. I made sure to leave comments on other blogs and this kept me motivated to write more and better. Also, this helped me build my network who share similar hobbies and likes. This helped me to understand the importance of networking not only for my quality time consumption but for the blog traffic, likes, and comments as well.

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