5 Secrets to Power Internal Communications Using Intranet

Effective internal communications make successful companies. Every interaction within an office plays a key role in shaping the corporate culture. Top organizations use a variety of communication approaches to allow employees to connect with each other, share knowledge, ask questions, conduct meetings, give directions, and receive feedback. A widely popular, modern tool that leading workplaces use to power internal communication is an intranet

Overcoming the limitations of traditional communication tools, an intranet solution becomes a quick, reliable, and cost-effective way to strengthen internal communication within an organization. Cloud-based intranets allow companies to promote collaboration and information-sharing over a secure network. Using different features of the intranet, authorized employees can easily connect with their colleagues, sitting within business premises or miles away. Also, they can chat, send/receive information, and perform several tasks to work together. 

However, encouraging employees to use intranet software is a daunting task for the top management of a company. Many people think intranet networks are boring and difficult to operate. The truth is that an intranet solution is ineffective and tedious when an organization does not have an internal communication strategy.

Here are some secrets to use your company intranet for creating successful internal communications:   

  1. Integrate Videos

As per research, over 90% of internal communication professionals believe videos are a vital part of a company’s internal communication strategy. 

Still, several organizations rely on lengthy emails to communicate with their people. They do not realize that videos can save their employees’ time and give them an easier way to collect information. 

Videos are an interactive and engaging way to communicate new developments and changes within an organization. A company can use the intranet to strengthen its internal communication strategy by posting videos around:

  • How-to tutorials
  • Changes in company procedures
  • Company-wide meetings
  • A CEO presentation 
  1. Launch Internal Social Network
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Social networking is arguably the best way to encourage people to connect with each other. In the recent past, we have noticed how social media revolutionized human behavior. Now, the power of social media channels can be harnessed to strengthen internal communication in a company.

An organization can deploy an internal social intranet network to give users an interesting and engaging platform to collaborate. Similar to social media channels, employees can use the network to chat, post knowledge, like, comment, and share work-related content. 

  1. Make the Intranet Platform Attractive and Fun 

If a company does not take pride in what it does, then who else will? While choosing intranet software, it is essential to customize the platform to make it more engaged for employees. In addition to catchy colors, a company logo and pictures can be added to make users feel connected with the organization while using the network.

When an intranet platform looks attractive and fun, employees like to use it for their work. They begin incorporating the network and its tools in their work to perform their daily tasks. 

  1. Build a Knowledge Base

Use the intranet as a centralized platform for knowledge. Allow employees to store their files over a network, which is accessible to other members of the organization. Authorized employees can use the knowledge base to share documents, retrieve information, and search for files shared by others. 

In this way, employees can use the intranet to connect with their colleagues and collect knowledge they require while sitting miles away from each other.

  1. Employee Profiles to Bring People Close to Each Other
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Modern intranet platforms support employee profiles, and a company can use them to allow employees to get to know each other. The beauty of the Employee Profile tool is that it connects people within an organization to each other and encourages them to work together. 

Using employee profiles, users in a company come to know about each other. This helps build trust and empower internal communication. 


An intranet platform is an easy-to-use, effective tool to power internal communication and increase productivity in a company. It is also a secure and reliable network that connects an organization’s global employees and makes them work together as one team. All that a company needs to ensure is that it uses a powerful, modern intranet network for communication!   

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