5 Signs to Indicate that Your Web Pages Need Fresh Content

Content is king, and unique, informative website copy makes your online business rank high in the SERPs. Then, the text is often pushed aside in favor of gaudy photos and flamboyant web design trends. When your web pages have no or little copy with more colors and images, your business website will rank poorlyin the SERPs. Poor quality content will adversely affect your site rankings no matter how flashy your web design looks. This is when you need to update your web pages with fresh content,whichmust be unique and informative for your online visitors.

According to an article published on https://www.searchenginejournal.com, abnormally high bounce rates and no leads at all are the two red flags that indicate that your website needs fresh content. Then, other indications do not meet your eyes. Here they are:

1. Changing customer needs

These days, businesses do not sell products or services to customers but sell solutions to their problems. Your web copy should reflect this. The information should solve the problems of your potential buyers to make their lives simpler. Therefore, if your web content merely lists the stark features of the products without solving consumer problems, you need to update your content.

Your copy should show empathy with your customers’ pain points, understand their problems, and then sell the solutions. It will help you to sell your solutions easily. Present the pain points of your buyers, where the solutions lie in the details.

For example, if your web copy says that fighting wrinkles is difficult, it is a blanket statement. You need to understand the pain points of women with fine lines or wrinkles and present your anti-wrinkle night serum that will make their skin look young and supple in less time.

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2. Keyword trends making your state content outdated

You need to stay aware of the current keyword (KW) trends and update your content accordingly. If you have not done so in the last couple of years, there is a possibility that a couple of those KWs originally used are failing to generate interest anymore.

KWs are changing with time and so your web page content should include the search phrases that are trending or based around your niche business or industry. Then, that does not mean that you keep changing your KWs every week.

Then, you need to keep a watch on the search trends or hire an SEO expert from digital marketing agency Auckland to do so to help you tweak content as and when required. It will help your website to deliver the most relevant and timely information to your targeted audience.

3. Your competitor sites are doing better than your website

You need to spend more time on research to figure out whether your competitors’ websites are performing better than your website or not. It calls for a little self-reflection. All you need to do is look at your web copy with full focus and compare it with your competitors’ web page copy. It will help you to spot the differences if any. Understand the following aspects:

  • Is your competitor’s web page copy more empathetic to their customers’ needs?
  • Do their copy addresses the buyer pain points more effectively
  • Does their content reflect the brand persona?
  • Is their product info more elaborate than your copy?
  • Does their business look more reliable and credible?
  • Is their content better than your copy?
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These are some of the questions you need to ask to determine, whether your competitors are doing better than your website or not.

Accept your flaws and be honest. If you notice any mistakes in your web page copy, change them with new, improved content that resonates with your targeted audience. Your copy should present the buyers’ problems, offer the possible solutions, and prove why your brand and products are the best. You need to stay ahead of your competitors.

4. Your business message fails to resonate with your audience

Your brand story should evolve with time and so are your products or services. These mustn’t be written in stone. You need to update your website copy, logo, business voice, color schemes, and things like that.

For instance, if you have a shaving lotion targeted towards older men, you need to change your products and brand voice today. Your target should the millennial generation who prefer improved aftershave lotions, keeping the sophistication and masculinity elements the same. You can think of something sexier to appeal to young men of today.

The moral of the story is that brand voice has a shelf life and you need to evolve with time. You need to understand who your customers are and then integrate content. Understand how your customers interact with your brand and what brand voice entices them to buy your products or services.

5. Your old, stale content written on a poor budget

Small businesses or startups work on a very limited budget and website copy is one element, which is sourced for a very little amount of money. It means outstanding, smart, and crisp copy does not come cheap. You need to spend on it. Penny-pinching will give you poor, stale content that never generates leads or converts. Forget about ranking in the SERPs.

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If you look at the website copy of a Fortune 500 corporation, you will see witty headlines, crisp, clear, and succinct copy that gets to the point without beating about the bush. Now, professional wordsmiths spend several hours to change text, rewrite web page headlines, do multiple revisions, and then publish the final content.

Therefore, if you are hiring a copywriter and just paying $5 per page, such content will not resonate or help in generating leads. Nine times out of 10, your visitors will not get what they want in that copy and click away. Your web page copy should be catchy and address the problem, offering the best solution to pique audience interest within the first few lines.


Update your copy if you spot these red flags. Create unique, persuasive content that makes people read about your brand and products. It will help in initiating a potential sale.

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