6 Reasons Why Just Tracking Keywords is Not Enough for Your Business

Are you involved in local SEO or any other form of SEO? Do you know ranking is no more a primary measure of SEO success?

Tracking the success of SEO is a difficult task, as there are many metrics to consider. There are certain KPIs that every site should track

There is a plethora of SEO metrics that should be monitored regularly.

You are not updating the keyword strategy

Digital marketing is the dynamic field where you need to update your strategies time to time else you will face a drop in SEO ranking. There is also continuous change in the search volumes and search methods of customers.

For me, it is time to focus on the long tail keywords for more traffic and opportunities and I suggest the same for you.Google analytics and search console gave me the evidence that the popular content from organic search was mainly due to – long tail keywords.

I am sure you will find the same for your site on detailed analysis. So, update your keyword strategy to spike your rankings and not just focus on the “golden keyword” to rank 1.

Do consider the competitiveness, changes in the search method of potential customers such as the use of natural language and other forces changing the keyword strategy to boost the traffic.

You do not involve in different disciplines for SEO

Three years ago rich anchor text was the primary source of ranking and we all tend to create thousands of  backlinks. SEO is not just about keyword research and backlinks anymore in this dynamic marketing situation.

So, if you still think that only link building is the keyword-centric strategy then you are wrong. Tracking the right keyword is not just enough as per my experience as the holistic future of the SEO lies in taking a multifaceted approach.

If you are not focusing on other aspects such as email marketing, social media promotions, besides solid link building, then the visitors to the site may be numbered.

Involving in different disciplines means multiple traffic sources, which in turn is the gateway to multiple revenue opportunities?

A customer feels happy about finding something online as it smoothes their buying process. Such is the power and influence of the search so, it is better to exploit different platforms for gaining traffic.

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I focus on organic search but also focus on the affiliate referrals, business or customer referrals, and other sources. What I love most is earning the links rather than link building as the former boosts your brand image.

Imagine one comment or a post about your business written by Forbes or other popular sites without any money keywords in the anchor text. Isn’t it great? I hope you understand that its impact on customers will be ten folds higher than getting links from 10 directory sites.

So, tracking the keyword and optimizing for it is not an effective tactic for the business in the current scenario. For me, it was only fetching the ranks but not retaining the potential customers.

The goal is to hit on the intention of the searcher and use suitable platforms to reach them quickly and impact the buying process.

You are not tracking the website performance, structure, and hosting

Tracking the keywords for desktops alone is not enough for your business. You may design a mobile-friendly site as the majority of the searches occur in smartphones.

SEO ranking is not in your control, but you can control the website structure. So, improve your site to increase the page loading speed and give snappy experience to the visitors.

So, host your website near your visitors and look for an effective server that is not too much clogged with other websites. Also, focus on elements like responsive design and tags for higher ranks.

Track your website performance just like you track the keyword performance. While focusing on the keyword indexing to know the marketplace, you must also focus on getting your site indexed to facilitate crawling and boost rank.

If your site is disorganized or contains no streamlined structure then how do you think the crawler will index your content?

I faced a similar issue when the keywords were not ranking well nor getting traffic. I have invested plenty of hours and used sophisticated tools trying hard to analyze the backend data of the site, but nothing worked.

The issue was lack of page authority, the inappropriate design of the landing page, unsupportive inbound links and the page SEO wasn’t properly.

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An appealing site is the one with video uploads, inbound and outbound links, infographics, optimized images, sitemaps, and shorter URLs. These parameters allowed me to have a huge impact on bounce rates and click-through rates.

By having a streamlined structure and optimizing all the on-page SEO elements (title, meta description and others), I made a big difference to the site. It allowed the crawlers to index the content and get SERP listing.

It means there was no fault with the keywords but the dynamic marketing landscape. Now it is your turn to make the difference to the business.

There is a drop in the value of organic position one

SERP is turning complex day by day with the changes in the algorithms and ranking parameters. You and I could not see paid Ads or Google maps or videos on Google first page three years ago.

This is the trick that makes first organic listings receive more clicks in case of mobile searches than the desktop versions.

Another interesting thing to note is that sites with high domain authority always enjoy strengthened organic positioning. Therefore, sites like Amazon tend to push other sites with position one well down the page.

So, tracking of advertisement placements, core ranking algorithms, and parameters affecting the organic position one – is essential for your business!

There is no point channelizing all your efforts and tracking into one keyword considering the change in the SERPs. Hence, I am now tracking the difference in the click-through rates for my website to align with the mobile searches.

Search results customization leads to inaccurate keyword ranks

It is a common experience that we get different results for the same keyword when we are searching from different locations.

When I am sitting in my house and browsing for popular florists or clinics near to my locality, I get certain results, which vary when I conduct the same search from my office.

So how does this happen? Google tracks your internet searching and locations to decides what to show you the next time you search for similar keywords.

Google collects your data and customizes the search results to meet your needs better. It may be beneficial for user experience and enhancing the convenience but not for 

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SEO analysis.

Keyword tracking tools fail to capture the ranking of a specific keyword as due to customization feature there are different search results obtained for the single keyword.

Tracking keyword is not just enough and you must use different SEO tools to get a broader picture of a keyword from other data signals.

Today SEO is more about “White hat SEO”

Excess keyword stuffing was the extraordinary trick to boost ranks and was not penalized 5-6 years ago. However, it is now considered a part of black hat SEO practice, which Google Panda does not favor.

Keyword stuffing, spamdexing, or use of hidden text robs the relevancy of the content and its richness, which makes it meaningless. Currently, Google favors well researched and informative content that can engage users.

Therefore, as a part of white hat SEO practice, Google mandates quality content with a keyword density of 0.5-1% to rank high. Using duplicate content or creating link farm is a strict no!

So, track more of white hat SEO tricks for your business and stay ethical as your goal is not to impress the search engines, but to improve the user experience.

The introduction of LSI (latent semantic indexing) prevents the use of stuffed keywords by tracking the content around the keyword.

Such indexation facilitates ranking your page higher if it contains keywords 

“academic writing services for assignment help in various subjects” instead of “assignment help services” used four times in a single paragraph.

So, tracking money keywords is not enough for business as the algorithms are smarter than them.


So, my suggestion is to update your keywords strategy on a timely basis. Always keep an eye on the visitor’s behaviour and remain holistic with evolving trends and platforms. Impress your clients by showing your value in terms of ROI you got for them and not keyword ranking.

Author Bio:

Akash Srivastava is a Freelance SEO Consultant at AkashSEO. He helps people create or revise their SEO plan, implement it and monitor results. He regularly writes about SEO. He has been in this since 2011. He reads books in his spare time. You can hire him for the consultation only or to do everything. Contact him today!

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