All About Guest Posting As a Way to Promote Your Business Online

Publishing a good-quality article in someone else’s blog may seem absurd at first glance. Why on Earth should you give away a post you’ve been working on hard? Because it’s more profitable than you think. You can easily find good guest posting strategy examples, which brought incredible results for business promotion.

It can positively affect your image among potential clients and the search engine algorithms. For the first category, it’s a chance to learn about your company and visit your resource. For the latter, it’s a sign of your site’s trustworthiness and high reputation. So, by writing a guest blog post, you kill two birds with one stone: raising the brand’s awareness and promoting your online presence.

Hire a Specialist

The quality of the site where you place a backlink is extremely important. Users won’t trust links on the shady sites and have no interest in reading information that doesn’t seem 100% correct. The search engine evaluates the site’s trustworthiness and partly transfers it to your resource. It means that you have to choose the sites for link placing very carefully. The most useful links are on .edu domains. Google considers their quality and gives them the highest score. 

But getting such links can be a challenging task. The resources on .edu domains know their value, and you can’t just get placed without the negotiations. We recommend resorting to the special services, which can boast a rich experience in this area. Click to visit a site of such an experienced company and find out the details of their offer. You’ll receive a quality service for a beneficial price.

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Find Resources

If you decide to do the job yourself, the first step is to find appropriate resources for publishing your links. There are multiple ways to compile a list of the sites; some are obvious, others require some imagination. We have some tips on exploring guest blogging opportunities for business promotion.

Search in Google and Social Media

The first option that comes to mind is simple googling. This method is simple and doesn’t require resources and investments. You’ll find numerous sites in no time, but keep in mind that this data will be raw. You’ll have to analyze the list and check each individual site carefully. A less popular method implies searching on Twitter. In this case, you’ll receive access to the resources your rivals don’t know of. But the necessity of manual checks is still present.

Search in Dedicated Communities

Blogs and sites, giving space for articles, form different communities. It makes searching the resource for your topic much easier. The only difficulty you can face is private communities. To join them, you need a special invitation from participants. Usually, members of such groups are interested in new clients, so don’t be afraid of sending requests to private communities.

Check Your Rivals

Analyze the backlinks of your competitors. Determine their guest posting strategy and submit requests to the same sites. Don’t think that the resources with other company’s articles are a waste of opportunity. There is a limited amount of sites on the topic related to your area, so it’s normal to use the same site as your rivals. Common analytic tools will give you detailed information on the linking profile of any company. When you finish the list, reach out to every resource and negotiate the conditions of publishing. 

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Ask Your Friends and Partners

Every business person has plenty of contacts in their field of work. Chances are they have blogs or sites that can be interesting for you. This method doesn’t provide great coverage, but personal connections guarantee the best conditions and ensure the publication of your posts. Don’t ignore this way of searching for links placement in quality guest posting part of your SEO tactics.

What to Keep in Mind

Multiple resources offer tempting conditions for publishing your articles. But don’t fall for every beneficial proposal. Select the sites as close to your niche as possible. Posting on unrelated resources will be a waste of money and time. Your potential clients should have an opportunity to see your material; otherwise, it will be useless.

The quality of content comes without saying. A poor article can ruin your reputation and form an unwanted image of the company. Use only proven data and experts’ opinions, research the subject from an unusual angle, and prepare quality graphics for illustration. If you make everything right and promise to give more information on your resource, many users will follow the lead.

Learn how to use keys in the article the right way. Proper keywords can make the difference, so spend time on thorough research. Use special analytics instruments to find out the keys of competitors and the most relevant words for the topic. Spread them through the post in the most natural way.

Following these simple rules will make your guest posting much simpler and more effective. It’s not that hard after all, and with the right amount of effort, you’ll get amazing results in no time.

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