Can Google Reviews Boost Local SEO?

Google reviews are helpful for your brand image. The star rating is a factor in local search ranking and online presence. Positive ratings eventually improve your business. An expert Brisbane SEO company can take care of your position in web results.

Over the last few years, online reviews have become an inevitable part of local businesses. Reviews help people decide which thing they should buy, where to travel, and which service to take. As a result, maintaining an online reputation is more important than ever before.

So, without any more delays, let’s find out how effective Google reviews are for local SEO.

Does Review Affect Local SEO Ranking?

While analyzing your ranking, search engine factors in your review profile. Consumers give importance to reviews and make decisions based on that. So it is no surprise that reviews and SEO are closely linked to each other. They have similar objectives.

The search engine tries to help its users to find the right product, information, or service in the best possible way. Reviews serve to separate the good from the bad and help consumers find the best local business for their needs.

Review elements that affect SEO

If your business is doing well online, it is because it has a significant number of outstanding and positive reviews across various high-authority review platforms, so the chances of getting found and clicked on are high. There are four main factors of review components that control SEO. These are –

  • Keywords
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Relevant keywords play an essential role in your rank improvement. It includes location, business name, services and products. When a user reviews, he uses some words, which gives you a chance to include more specific keywords.                                                                                      

  • Google ratings  

The ratings you get on your business online determines the quality of your services/products. The higher the rating, ranging between 4-4.5, the better will be the SEO ranking. If the ratings are around 4.5, it shows the algorithms that customers love. So, when someone searches, for instance, “best gift shop near me,” Google immediately filters out the shops with less than four ratings. 

  •  Volume 

A more significant number of reviews on your Google my business account is a good start. People generally tend to see approximately ten reviews before they make a buying decision. The more positive reviews, the more your credibility will be.

It is believed that an efficient business gets around 30 reviews a month. It may differ according to the monthly foot traffic. Make sure the volume of positive reviews surpasses the negative ones as a high density of negative comments impacts your star rating.

You can get more reviews by contacting the recent customers through email with a link that redirects it to your reviews page. Super easy!

  • Fresh content 

It is always advised to update your content timely as it gives signals to Google that you are pretty serious about your business. You can do it actively in content marketing such as social media posts, blogging, etc., but it might consume much time and money. 

So, getting reviews on GMB is a much easier way to bring in new content. Engage and respond to the customer’s reviews to make you responsible and committed towards your business.

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Reviews & SEO

According to a report by Brightlocal, around 82% of consumers read Google reviews before making a decision, which is a big boost for local pack rankings. While factoring reviews into statistics, researchers say that metrics, like the velocity of reviews, the number of reviews a business has, and review diversity, all are taken into account.

The local search experts panel takes a few things into account, such as the positive sentiments within the reviews, having product keywords within the text of obtained reviews, and reviews across the internet on various platforms. etc.

How Important are Google Reviews for SEO?

It has been confirmed by several studies that there is a definitive link between the volume and quality of Google reviews and local SEO rankings. Having plenty of reviews with both the city and service name as keywords will automatically uplift your chances of higher ranking in Google search. Strict search engine rules allow only authentic users with real-life experience to write reviews.

Click-through rate also leaves an impact on the search position and reviews to score a direct hit here. Google reviews are majorly effective for first-timers. Customers with no prior experience of your service depend on these reviews and recommendations.

Reviews Feed the SEO Bots

Having your online reputation strategy on-point will invite more fresh reviews regularly. If you have ever consulted expert Brisbane SEO Companies, you must be aware of the fact that fresh content fuels SEO ranking. That’s why there is sound importance to blog posts.

New blogs keep your business website updated and informative. Investment in content marketing makes sense for the sake of your growth. Similarly, when reviews are acquired regularly, they provide a constant influx of fresh content. The search engine crawler digests fresh contents well. Those reviews on authoritative platforms do more for the expansion of business.

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Navigation Reviews Impact on SEO

Building a higher search ranking is not just about impressing the automated bots. There is a quality control team by Google, which humans manage. This makes for valuable SEO tools and strong reviews.

Genuine review content written by real consumers gives a website legitimacy. So, a website earns SEO juice from both manual and automatic rating systems. The search quality evaluator guidelines by Google state that 1 or 2 poor reviews must not sway readers.


This was a brief discussion on how Google review impacts local SEO. We tried to highlight the major points related to the topic. If this information helps you in some way, our purpose would be fulfilled.

Brisbane SEO Company like is a veteran service provider in this regard. So, you can either consult it or gather more information on this topic and start implementing it yourself. Best of luck with that!


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