Facebook Ads Or SEO: Which One Brings Better Marketing Results?

Whether you’re a newbie or a novice in the realm of digital marketing, you know for a fact that there are constant tides that shift to and fro towards what works in driving traffic and what doesn’t (and ultimately, ROI). So then, with the topic of Facebook Ads vs Search Engine Optimization, which of the two should you start with?

Facebook Ads Benefits

Analytics Like No Other

One of the best things about Facebook is that you will not be left blindsided with how your ads are doing. Facebook’s reporting and analytics will be presented to you in a surprisingly super-organized manner— metrics, conversion rates, and more can be conveniently accessed via their Ads Manager.

Think clicks, conversion, page likes, posts that are performing well (and posts that aren’t), the list goes on more than you know. You’ll be impressed at how they allow you that ease in tracking the status of your ads, and whether you need to change your strategy or stick to the status quo.

Maximize Organic Posts And Micro-Targetting

Let’s start with its definition. In the context of digital marketing, “organic” is the word for “unpaid”. Accordingly, “organic posts” are unpaid posts. In its most basic and oversimplified explanation, it’s anything linked to and is about your business and business website that doesn’t require paid promotion.

A few years back, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg announced that they would be altering their algorithm to decrease business pages’ visibility, and prioritize that of friends and family. It was a huge blow to ventures who were paying for their business pages, and on top of that, were shelling out for promotions.

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If you were (or still are) running a business page, that inevitably meant even lesser visibility from a target audience wherein only a tiny percentage actually browsing through your post. But with wider leeway to handle organic posts, you won’t have to break the bank to get your brand recognized by Facebook’s ultra-awesome targeting capabilities.

SEO Benefits

At The Top Of The First Page Of Search Engine

This is what everybody seems to target when it comes to making use of SEO. Everybody wants to be on the first page. This equates to people reaching your business page first before they even get the chance to catch a glimpse of that of your competitors’. That’s lower bounce rates for you.

Plus, did you know that 93% of those who search online pull up a search engine first? And this, you can take to your advantage. Because of this significant rate, being on the first page will mean that much more.

People already have an idea of what they’re looking for. Having said that, you can tailor your business website further so that they’re able to browse through without a hitch.

Quality Traffic

Inbound marketing strategy is what separates SEO from the rest. You won’t have to go through traditional methods of random client-searching which often, leads to customers being annoyed. Hello, cold-calls and email spamming.

With SEO’s inbound marketing, it zeroes in on target customers. They’re provided with resources that they’ll actually find helpful, instead of being interrupted by random information. It’s been surveyed, and the numbers reveal that a large percentage of the results of inbound practices bring about quality leads. Thus, converting those into sales will be even easier.

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The choice will be yours regarding making your selecting between Facebook Ads Or SEO. Both have advantages that will benefit your business. But if you ask us, all we can say is that you’ll want to try your hand at SEO and discover for yourself why it’s the way to go.

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