How to Check if Your Website Has Duplicate Content or Not

A rule of thumb says duplicate or thin content should be avoided in the website as it impacts adversely on your digital rankings and presence. But, the most important thing is to evaluate whether the website or content has duplication or not. And for that, you need to hire an SEO agency in India.

It’s believed to be the best SEO service to remove thin or duplicate content from the website to enhance site performance.

However, duplicate content may or may not be created intentionally, so it is suggested to always cross-check the website URL that you have indexed for Google. Here are a few ideas of unintentionally created duplicate content for references:

·       The blog post that is showcased on the homepage of your WordPress website, shows the same content on URL.

·       Your way of tracking traffic on the website through URL parameters doesn’t change the website content.

·       Google considers a URL with parameters as a different URL, and thus, it considers two different URLs for the same content.

How could you track duplication in the content?

1.     Through Google search

Let’s suppose, your website URL is – and if your website has less than 100 pages, this trick will work for you. It starts by indexing all pages that Google has indexed, checks the URLs and then sees if there is more than one URL having the same content or not. The procedure of filtering this way will help you bring out the conclusion easily. If you find repetitive content, you can prefer advanced checking with search parameters like, “ inURL:duplicate-URL”.    

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2.     Keep monitoring the URLs visited by users and bots

As said earlier that if your website is less than 100 pages, then the above trick is just perfect, but for more than thousands or millions of pages, you should opt for other tricks. Usually, companies’ records visited and searched history for their market research. Such history will be separated by human searchers and bots. You can use such URLs crawled by bots to find out duplicate content.  

3.     Use Google Spreadsheet  

If you are comfortable working with Google Spreadsheet, then bring out the search result on a Google Spreadsheet. Get some help from professionals to fill up the fields in Google Spreadsheet to have all of the search results on the spreadsheet.

Either duplication of content could be intentional or unintentional. Many times, theme migration could also be the reason behind the same content. If you find yourself stuck in such a situation, you need to list the snippet of the text on the home page and then provide blog post content on the internal page of the website.

Sum up

Duplication of content cannot only affect your Google ranking, but it can also hamper your business value too. So, before you write and publish anything on your website, ensure to double-check. For professional help, it would be better to seek the best SEO Company in Ahmedabad and ask them to trim, spin, or remove plagiarised content from your website.

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